The Complex Effects of Trauma on Physical Health with Mandy Harvey [EP 108]

Show Notes:

In this episode Melissa and trauma expert Mandy Harvey explore the profound impact of trauma on health, particularly when it comes to autoimmune conditions. They discuss the importance of recognizing and addressing trauma for overall well-being, and how to find resources to help heal from past experiences. They emphasize the role of mindfulness in recovery as a step to overcome health challenges presented by these adverse circumstances.

Key Points From This Episode:

00:04 The Impact of Trauma

Mandy opens with a discussion of the profound effects of trauma on health, examining past experiences and its significant link to physical and emotional well-being. She talks about her traumatic childhood experiences, detailing the abuse she endured and the impact these events have had on her life. She addresses issues of perfectionism and offers guidance to others on similar healing paths.

08:31 Chronic Illness 

Mandy digs into how perfectionism can deeply influence health, behavior, and the urgent need to dismantle barriers to live a more authentic life. She also gives a closer look at the intricate connection between trauma and chronic illness, and how trauma can affect the body’s physiology and contribute to various health conditions, including sleep patterns, food choices, and the cyclical nature of stress and self-perception.

21:33 Influence on Behavior 

The two discuss how deeply ingrained beliefs, such as feeling unworthy, can significantly impact behavior and hinder the healing process. They explore the varied responses to trauma, including not remembering it, underestimating its impact, or coming to terms with severe trauma experiences, and they give insights into how unrecognized trauma can still profoundly affect the body and mind, even without conscious memory, leading to physical and emotional triggers. 

31:53 Stress Management 

Mandy highlights the critical connection between trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and its subsequent impact on health and wellness efforts. She calls for deeper self-reflection, fostering curiosity, and gaining a better understanding of the impact of stress on the body and emotions. She lays out how stress can physically manifest in the body, such as holding tension in specific areas, and the importance of recognizing and addressing these signs.

43:36 Continued Exploration

Mandy mentions the ACEs study, its questions, and the correlation between childhood trauma and the development of autoimmune conditions. This examination shows the impact of trauma on biology, the immune system, and hormonal balance, and the importance of integrating trauma work into health and wellness plans. She talks about the critical importance of embracing stillness, practicing mindfulness, and tapping into the innate wisdom within the body for healing and overall wellness, including the vital role of gratitude, self-reflection, and the celebration of small victories in the ongoing healing process. 

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