The Complex Role of Chemistry in the World of Nutrition with Shawn Wells [EP 96]

Show Notes:

On this episode, Melissa explores the fascinating world of nutrition through the lens of chemistry with her brilliant guest Shawn Wells. Shawn is a renowned biochemist and formulation scientist in the nutrition field who walks through nutrition’s complex relationship with chemistry and the innovative advancements shaping the future of our well-being.  

Key Points From This Episode:

03:40 From Pain to Purpose            

13:02 Insulin Resistance                      

24:14 Health Improving Components  

50:05 Continued Exploration 

From Pain to Purpose                    

Shawn’s journey to becoming a biochemist and formulation scientist in the realm of nutrition stemmed from a difficult childhood of mental and physical struggles. He found a passion from the pain of his experiences. He first started in the area of nutrition and transitioned into the science behind it. He now owns his own company, educates other large companies, has patented ingredients, has formulated products, and wrote a book.       

Insulin Resistance                  

Both carbohydrates and fiber are two things that can actually be created. Most of the world lives off of carbohydrates and don’t see negative effects like we do in the United States. Other countries don’t consume resistant starches, they move more, fast, don’t eat as much, and eat more foods in their natural form. Here we are hit with ultra processed foods made in a way that we are compelled to overindulge. This leads to spikes in insulin levels as well as inducing a variety of other health issues. 

Health Improving Components                

Shawn goes into things like berberine, semaglutide, and other components for weight loss, anti-aging, performance, body composition, and improved health. Caffeine is another thing that causes issues because many people struggle to metabolize it. This is where paraxanthine comes in, which is a component of caffeine without the side effects. Grains of paradise is another great option for improving inflammation in the body, burning fat, and killing bacteria thanks to its thermogenic effect.   

Continued Exploration                

Shawn is busy at work in the realm of psychedelics and what it can do for the brain as far as depression, anxiety, and mood. He’s also doing work with a compound that mimics exercise as well as a new kind of vitamin as well as other ingredients. He’s always working on finding ways to improve health, expand longevity, increase performance, and keep our minds sharp.    

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