The Guts Impact on Health and Wellness with Josh Dech [EP 97]

Show Notes:

On this episode, Melissa hosts Josh Dech, a paramedic turned personal trainer turned nutrition expert. Josh transformed his passion for fitness into helping clients with individualized wellness plans that focus on working from the inside out, starting with the root that is gut health. Melissa and Josh have an engaging conversation on what gut health means and why it’s such a key factor in overall wellness.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:30 Gut Balance
21:34 Food Response
35:38 External Stressors
46:45 Gut Support
01:08:12 Digestion

Gut Balance                     

Josh transitioned from being a paramedic to the wellness space where he started to notice trends in his clients health in association with their gut. Western medicine is focused on diagnosing an issue and prescribing medication to cover it up. Josh works with his clients to understand the why behind these symptoms to get to the root of the issue in order to solve it. It’s about finding balance in the gut for harmony.       

Food Response                    

A good way to figure out what’s going on in the gut is to see what foods are causing the biggest issues by doing an elimination diet. Test different foods to understand how your body is responding to them to determine what you should and should not be consuming. Every way of eating should be unique to the individual. Stay away from the fillers and substitutes. The best thing you can do for your gut is to eat a natural, whole food diet. 

External Stressors                  

Your internal body creates heightened reactions to external stressors. What’s happening in the outside world will reflect on the inside of your body. Your gut is going to respond to the environment you put it in, creating instability internally, which will influence how you feel overall. Reducing stressors in the outside world will decrease heightened inflammation in the gut, helping you feel better.     

Gut Support             

Most people are deficient in vital nutrients and minerals due to the process of mass food production. This is why it’s a good idea to consider supplements and vitamins. Another way to support the gut is to make sure you are giving it times of rest and spacing out meals for proper digestion. Leaky gut is one of the leading causes for most diseases and long-term illnesses, so it’s important to take care of it and consume as natural of foods as possible. Consider testing as well.


What happens in the body when you are awake versus asleep is completely different. The body detoxes while you’re asleep, so it’s important to have separate times to rest and digest when you’re awake. The body needs time to go through certain functions as you sleep, so if you eat, it’s going to disrupt these functions, including your usual circadian rhythm.    

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