The Mindset Behind Fitness & Business Success

The Mindset Behind Fitness & Business Success with JJ Virgin [EP 102]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa interviews health and wellness expert, JJ Virgin. They discuss JJ’s journey from theater actress to fitness professional, her successful books, and her multimillion-dollar businesses. JJ shares insights on the importance of mindset in building a business and beyond. Melissa and JJ also dig into the benefits of exercise and nutrition, particularly when it comes to aging.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:48 The Early Days   

JJ shares her background in the health and wellness industry, starting as a theater actress, transitioning into fitness and nutrition, and eventually becoming a renowned fitness expert. JJ discusses how she started her career in the health and wellness industry when there was no established industry yet, her experiences as an aerobics director and personal trainer, and the challenges she faced in those early days.

09:00 Fitness and Nutrition Books 

JJ talks about the benefits of strength training, addresses the misconception of getting bulky, explains how building muscle leads to a toned physique, and provides examples of successful strength training programs. JJ mentions that she is working on a new book on powerful aging, which will be her legacy book, and discusses the motivation behind it. She also talks about her book, “The Virgin Diet,” the success and impact it has had on people’s lives.

11:47 Seven Common Food Sensitivities  

The concept behind JJ’s book focuses on eliminating seven common food sensitivities to reduce inflammation and promote weight loss, including examples of the foods to avoid. She talks about the significance of protein, fat, and carbs for survival and energy sources, and the role they play in maintaining a healthy diet. She also digs into how carbs turn into sugar, the concept of “mainlining” carbs, the impact of different sugars on the body, and the importance of reducing sugar intake for overall health.

22:07 The Carb Rating Scale 

There’s a rating system to identify green light, yellow, and red level carbohydrates based on their impact on blood sugar and insulin, and there are benefits of using this scale for making healthier food choices. JJ discusses the importance of eating by the plate and clock and provides guidelines for portion control and meal timing. JJ explains the protein leverage hypothesis, emphasizes the importance of eating protein first for satiety and overall health, and provides examples of high-protein foods to incorporate into meals.

36:23 A Family Crisis 

JJ shares her personal experience of a family crisis involving her son, the challenges they faced, and the lessons she learned from this difficult time. She talks about the doctor who accepted his case, the surgical teams he recruited to help him, and the dedication and expertise of the medical professionals involved. She goes into his recovery, the milestones he achieved, and how maintaining a positive mindset played a crucial role in his healing process. JJ emphasizes the importance of self-care and prioritizing one’s own health, especially in times of crisis, and provides practical tips for incorporating self-care into daily routines. 

44:57 Self-Care in Aging 

There are benefits of strength training for older adults, including preventing injuries and improving quality of life, and specific exercises and techniques recommended for this demographic. She advises to seek wisdom from older individuals, stay relevant and engaged in the community as you age, and take in valuable insights and experiences from intergenerational connections. JJ wraps up with the three pillars of powerful aging: eating protein first, lifting heavy things, and prioritizing sleep.

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