The Most Effective Ways to Rebalance Hormones Naturally

The Most Effective Ways to Rebalance Hormones Naturally with Candace Burch & Jess Suchan [EP 103]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa discusses hormone health with guests Candace Burch and her daughter Jess Suchan. Jess shares her personal struggle with hormonal imbalances, leading her to become an expert in the field. Candace, a hormone health expert herself, emphasizes the importance of hormone testing and discusses common symptoms of perimenopause. They also discuss the significance of understanding the menstrual cycle and its phases, and providing a space for women’s health issues to be heard.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:05 Hormone Health 

Jess and Candace discuss the significance of hormone health and share their expertise on rebalancing techniques for improved menstrual cycles, performance, and overall well-being. Jess opens up about her experience with weight gain, yo-yo dieting, and hormonal imbalances, highlighting the crucial role her mother played in helping her overcome these challenges. Candace discusses her support and guidance in helping Jess rebalance her hormones naturally, and how it led to starting a family business focused on hormone health.

21:28 A Balanced Approach 

Jess discusses the importance of changing her mindset about nutrition and exercise, reintroducing carbohydrates, balancing blood sugar, and nurturing her relationship with herself and others. Melissa and Jess talk about the need for an individual approach to diet and exercise, emphasize that what works for one person may not work for another, and the importance of finding what feels right for oneself. They also mention the increase in awareness and popularity of hormone testing and the use of bioidentical hormones made from plants.

35:47 Perimenopause Symptoms

The three discuss the symptoms and changes in periods that indicate perimenopause, including irregular bleeding patterns and missed periods. They give tips and strategies for managing perimenopause, including improving diet, balancing blood sugars, and addressing hormone imbalances through testing. They emphasize the importance of progesterone and estrogen in fertility and perimenopause, along with the role of a healthy lifestyle in managing symptoms.

43:53 Fertility Awareness Method

The fertility awareness method is an alternative to hormonal birth control, including tracking basal body temperature, cervical fluid changes, and using apps for accurate monitoring. They explain the four phases of the menstrual cycle and the importance of understanding hormonal changes. They also give clarification on when pregnancy is possible during the menstrual cycle and the duration of the ovulatory phase. Adjusting nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits based on the menstrual cycle phases can improve hormonal symptoms and PMS.

1:02:48 The Teenage Years 

Candace talks about the challenges of parenting teenage girls and understanding the hormonal changes they go through. She shares advice on how to approach teenagers about making healthier choices delicately. Jess and Candace discuss the importance of meeting teens and other women in general where they’re at and making small changes to improve their health without completely restricting their favorite foods. Women deserve to feel listened to and understood in healthcare, as many still experience dismissive attitudes from doctors when it comes to their hormonal health, and the two are looking to improve this together.

Resources from this episode:

Go to the Your Hormone Balance Website to take the hormone quiz — use code MELISSA50 for $50 off any build-your-own testing and rebalancing packages

Go to the Body Bliss by Jess Website to apply for free discovery call to learn more about 1:1 coaching with Jess

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