Thomas DeLauer: Why I Recommend Intermittent Fasting and Cutting Carbs [EP 38]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Thomas DeLauer, an Author, Podcaster, YouTube star, Business and Performance Coach, and Personal Health Transformation specialist. Thomas provides some expert information on the body and what changes people can make to improve overall health.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

Making Changes   
12:47 Fasting Study     
19:02 Carbs    
24:03 Protein 
26:38 Inflammation
32:33 Aging    

Making Changes

Thomas gives background on a small moment that led to the start of his fitness and nutrition journey. From there, he tried different methods to see what would be best for him. He ended up finding great success in intermittent fasting. He felt inclined to learn more about the how and why of intermittent fasting and wanted to share that information. 

Fasting Study

Thomas mentions a study that claims that intermittent fasting does not have any advantages when it comes to weight loss. He mentions that a lot of important factors were not considered in this study. He also notes that only one formula of intermittent fasting was taken under consideration. Finding the right fasting regime for you is important.


Going low-carb or being ketogenic takes conditioning and a long-term commitment. Thomas is a proponent of eating a low-carbohydrate diet if you are in the position to make that lifestyle change. He advocates for people to make the switch to low-carb when the timing is right. 


Protein intake is something Thomas mentions should be a constant for everyone. He talks about the benefits of a protein rich diet. He goes on to suggest balancing your protein with other micronutrients to give your body everything that it needs.    


A low-carb approach is a great option for combating inflammation. He suggests finding anti-inflammatory supplements to add to your diet. On top of that, he suggests trying an elimination diet to determine what items might be causing issues.   


It is important to note that as people age, the rate of protein synthesis to build muscle decreases. Adequate amounts of protein will help with this issue. Having muscle mass over a certain age is important to wellbeing and longevity. Thomas also speaks on the importance of vitamins and minerals as people age. 

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