Toni Marinucci: Breaking Up with Dieting [EP 20]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa interviews Toni Marinucci. Toni is a registered dietitian, business owner of Tips with Toni, and author of the book Once Upon a Diet. She teaches people how NOT to diet and works toward ending restrictive diet culture by providing simple tips to healthy living. Toni and Melissa discuss the parallels between dieting and dating, finding balance and the impact small changes can make.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Toni’s Story
06:33 Dieting and Dating
14:28 Planters and Bouncers
20:34 Small Changes Matter
29:36 Discussing Intermittent Fasting
38:45 Thoughts on Tracking Macros

Toni’s Story

Toni was overweight as a kid and quickly began to associate her weight to her worth. It led to disordered eating patterns and a disordered relationship with her body. She decided to study to become a registered dietician and when she switched the narrative from how her body looked to how food made her feel, she started to find balance. Her mission is to help women understand that they can be happy now and care for themselves, regardless of the size of their body.

Dieting and Dating

Toni noticed that women would jump from diet to diet trying to find THE ONE. She examined her own relationship patterns repeatedly dating the same kind of person and she started to realize the parallels between dieting and dating. Toni shares some questions that people can ask themselves to help them understand how they can better enjoy the process.

Planters and Bouncers

Many of us have that friend that bounces from diet to diet, but it never really sticks. That’s a bouncer. A planter is someone who sticks in a situation that’s not working, but they hold onto hope that it will. The answer is in the middle and learning from each of these..

Small Changes Matter

One of Toni’s philosophies is to measure what matters, and it doesn’t all come down to weight. The main thing is to measure how you feel, and things like your confidence and your energy levels. Toni explains how she works with clients in a way that doesn’t over complicate things. Small changes build momentum.

Discussing Intermittent Fasting

Melissa asks Toni about her thoughts on intermittent fasting. From Toni’s experience and the clients she works with, intermittent fasting is not usually recommended, especially in the beginning, because of the rules and rigidity which can be triggering for people with a history of eating disorders.

Thoughts on Tracking Macros

Toni discusses how she introduces recommendations for macronutrients as her clients progress in their journeys. Once the basics are covered, and they are wanting to build on it to meet certain goals, she provides guidance on targets for carbs, proteins or fats on an individualized basis. She wants them to track if they want to, not because they feel like they have to.

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