Understanding the Incredible Science Behind Metabolism with Michal Morr [EP 92]

Show Notes:

On this special guest episode, Melissa hosts Michal Mor, the creator of Lumen, a metabolic tracker focused on helping individuals break down the details surrounding their metabolism in order to optimize health and wellness. Melissa and Michal discuss measuring metabolic flexibility, the four pillars of health, carb cycling, and personalized strategies for improving wellness. 

Key Points From This Episode:       

05:18 Measuring Metabolic Flexibility 
10:42 Tracking the Pillars of Health 
15:04 Detailed Carb Cycling 
27:02 Using Lumen for Strategy  
39:30 Information for Improved Wellness  

Measuring Metabolic Flexibility                 

Michal started Lumen with her twin sister, which stemmed from a curiosity of understanding what makes someone perform at high levels as an athlete. They broke it down to metabolism and having a high level of metabolic flexibility. They started testing how to improve that flexibility and how they could measure progress. They took a look at current technology and broke it down to provide more detailed, accurate information.            

Tracking the Pillars of Health                    

Metabolic flexibility is under our control if we focus on the four pillars of health, which is sleep, nutrition, movement, and mind. In each of these pillars, there are many ways to support them and different results based on what we do. Lumen gives real time information on the results of the changes we make instead of us having to wait to see if our changes are making a difference. This helps us focus on the things that have the most impact on improving our health. 

Detailed Carb Cycling              

Lumen helps with carb cycling and determining when the body is going to use more fat storage for energy purposes. This helps us understand when to focus on having more or less carbs based on complex factors such as female cycles, activity levels, sleep, and mental state. All of this can not only help in weight loss, but also maintaining the healthy levels of body fat once the ideal level is met. It also helps with some of those harder times of menopause and perimenopause. 

Using Lumen for Strategy               

Lumen gives us the chance to experiment with what works best for our individual needs. Just like carb cycling, intermittent fasting could be a really good option for some people, and might not work for others. The point is to test and have access to accurate results of personalized measurements. It’s not about being perfect from the start and having to learn all the science behind metabolism, but more growing along the way as the device provides more information. It helps us look beyond the scale and to what is happening inside the body. 

Information for Improved Wellness                

The cleanest measurement would be in the morning. It can also be used before breaking a fast to optimize fasting, or when the best windows of time to eat would be, how to balance sleep schedules around meals, how to balance meals to optimize levels in order to burn fat, and, for athletes, when carbs are necessary to fuel the body, and to measure progress post workout. All of this helps us make smarter decisions around health and fitness.

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