Using Advanced AI Technology to Revolutionize Healthcare with Jo Bhakdi [EP 87]

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode, Melissa has a very insightful conversation with Jo Bhakdi, founder and CEO of Serenity, an AI preventive care system created to work to extend the human lifespan through advanced technology in health and preventative care. Jo and Melissa have a very important conversation around the connection between technology and what it can do for early detection for illness and disease by looking at genomics and other intricate measures of inspection.   

Key Points From This Episode:       

03:50 Early Detection
10:10 Preventive Investment
18:36 Predisposed Dispositions
28:48 The Four Pillars
46:02 Technology, Fasting, and Self Care

Early Detection                    

There is a huge revolution between healthcare and AI that Jo knew he wanted to be a part of. We currently have way more technology than we actually utilize for medicine because it’s so new and hasn’t been applied yet, and because of financial limitations. Jo launched Serenity to move science forward with the assistance of AI and other technological advances to support early detection and preventive care for major diseases and illnesses.            

Preventative Investment                    

Insurance is made to be there for the big stuff in case something happens and you need the support, which signifies care after you are in a crisis situation. Jo’s mission with his company is to be there before it’s too late. He wants people to have access to technology that can look out for you ahead of time through early and preventative detection. Preventative care should be looked at as an investment toward your wellbeing now and in the future instead of waiting to use insurance after being diagnosed with something harmful to your health.     

Predisposed Dispositions             

Jo wants to use technology to pinpoint risks for individuals based on genetics, history, and other key factors that make you who you are. This will help determine what kind of care people should seek and what to look out for. His company came up with a list of questions as a free option to determine these factors, but also has more extensive testing for those who want to dig deeper and have the means to do so. This helps individuals become advocates for their own health instead of relying on a medical professional to help them after experiencing health issues.   

The Four Pillars            

Serenity and its focus for the future leans on many varieties of technology, not for the sole purpose of advancing the technology aspect, but to protect the lives of people. There’s four major pieces in what Serenity focuses on: full body imaging, genomics, data intelligence, and medical intelligence that can break down different findings. It’s made to take on large amounts of information and break it down for preventative care purposes. People have the option to use serenity tools on a membership basis to stay proactive. 

Technology, Fasting, and Self Care            

Jo is a big believer in fasting since this is the pattern of eating that humans have had since the beginning. Eating is supposed to be moments of spiking insulin for energy purposes. We are creating stress within the body if we don’t go through periods of rest in between. Jo’s mission with technology is to prepare ourselves and understand the body, but the first step to health is doing as much as you can to care for your body so you don’t give it a reason to develop issues in the first place. 

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