Zach Schreier: Enhancing Performance Through Supplements, Fasting, and Superfoods  [EP 48]

Show Notes:

 In this episode, Melissa hosts Zach Schreier, an entrepreneur who co-founded a company called Quevos that makes healthy, egg white based protein chips. He continues to work in the health in wellness space as the leader in his other company, Lifestacks, a fitness forward company that focuses on nutraceuticals and other superfoods. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

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Zach opens up the conversation by speaking about his Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis when he was a young child. He talks about how it shifted his focus to learn more about how the body responds to food and how to keep tabs on overall wellness. As he aged, he worked into transitioning to intermittent fasting to monitor nutrient intake to manage his Diabetes.     


Zach talks about fasting as a diabetic and the extra steps he has to take in the process. He encourages heavy monitoring and careful planning for anyone with similar health concerns, but it can be done if done the right way. He finds it a great way to monitor his insulin and stay on a path to a healthier lifestyle. 


When it comes to Zach’s idea for his supplement business, he mentions that he was inspired to do this as a way to avoid toxic chemicals and bring natural elements into his body. It’s his goal to educate people on natural supplement potential benefits, the long term impact they can have, and options for different consumption experiences.  


The supplements that his company produces are specifically designed for fasting and performance, which can go well together. Fasting is a stresser, which can enhance performance if planned out strategically. He hopes to continue to explore scientific breakthroughs within the wellness industry and continue to enhance his product to help others in feeling their best. 

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