Do Probiotics Work? Today I’ll Tell You…

Probiotics. You keep hearing that word pop up, don't you? Scientists are learning more and more about the microbiome all the time and how imbalances can cause all sorts of diseases. But do probiotics work, really, or are they just the latest fad?

do probiotics work

They work…BUT, the key is in making sure you consume the RIGHT probiotics.

You hear people talking about eating probiotic chocolate and being like, "Nothing is happening!" But those probiotics aren't alive! Did you know, 99% of the probiotic types you most commonly see on the supermarket shelves to promote gut health actually died before they even get to your gut? And companies are trying really hard to make sure those probiotics stay alive, because if you see real results and feel better, you'll obviously keep getting more of their product…So the companies have tried placing the probiotics in cooler temperatures, or putting them in special capsules.

But these capsules don't do anything and the probiotics still die! So, do probiotics work? Not if they're in unnatural capsules that aren't going to be able to PROTECT a probiotic.

What if you could encase them in a natural capsule? Well, turns out, that is a thing, and that's the key to making these bacteria STAY ALIVE and actually do something in your gut!

So please pay special attention if you've been consuming random probiotic granola bars, probiotic pills, and you haven't been feeling any different…Are you wondering, "Do probiotics work?"

The answer is yes, but only if they're SPORE probiotics!

"Spore…that's something on a plant, right?" That was my first question when I heard about spore probiotics, anyway.

A spore is actually a single-celled reproductive unit in not only plants but also bacteria, and because it's a barrier usually used for reproduction, it is very well protected.

As University of North Texas Professor Brian McFarlin says, if you're just using a typical over-the-counter probiotic that says it has lactobacillus and bifidobacterium in it, most of it is going to be destroyed by your stomach acid.

So Professor McFarlin is currently researching spore-based probiotics that are actually delivered intact to the small intestine.

Now the intestine has enough good bacteria to make the intestine's mucus lining strong. This is SO important because this lining is what keeps toxins OUT of your bloodstream and allows nutrients IN your bloodstream.

I'm sure you've heard of a leaky gut before, and all that means is that the lining has been destroyed because there is not enough good bacteria. But unfortunately, as McFarlin says, your run-of-the-mill probiotic pills aren't going to do much about that, and only spore probiotics are going to be able to make the full GUT JOURNEY!

So one company I've really been into lately is Just Thrive! They promise a healthy gut in 30 days! Their probiotics are 100% spore-based, so they will actually survive through your gastric system and help restore and balance your gut. I mean, if I'm going to eat an army of 3 billion bacteria, I want to make sure they're ALIVE, you know?

(Although that is the only time you'll hear me saying I want to eat something alive…Mick ate a live mealworm once. No thank you!!)

And guess what? Starting at midnight on the very beginning of Black Friday, through midnight at the end of Cyber Monday, everything in the Just Thrive store is 25% off if you use my code: melissamade25.

Yep, 25% off a product that is stronger and fortified to actually work. Sounds like a win-win to me! I'm happy about how I feel on these probiotics so far. And I agree that it definitely has to do with them being ALIVE through the thick and thin of your gut!!

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