The 8 Hour Abs Diet

I wrote the 8 Hour Abs diet back in 2014 to help people learn about the importance of Meal-Timing. Intermittent Fasting has been a huge part in helping me stay in the shape I am.

For me, intermittent fasting means eating in an 8 hour window - and I'll give you my insight on it in this FREE Ebook!

The M.A.D.E. Diet

The MADE diet is a lifestyle plan that incorporates moderate protein, adequate fat, decreased carbs and an introduction to intermittent fasting. Along with the most frequently asked questions being answered, you'll also get recipes and a 7 day meal plan to start you off right and losing inches your first week.

Optimal Metabolism Guide

The MADE for Optimal Metabolism E-Book is an all-inclusive guide which provides detailed information on how to support your unique metabolism with specialized lifestyle strategies.
The guide breaks down specific details of the factors that influence energy converting chemicals within the body and the best practices to assist in increasing your metabolic rate.

The Definitive Guide To Semaglutide

Do you feel like your weight loss journey is a never-ending uphill battle? If so, you're in the right place! Discover the breakthrough weight loss solution that's taking the world by storm: Semaglutide.

Mastering Immune Health eBook Companion

This book was created out of love for those that I care about. I wrapped up all of what I have learned throughout my professional career into a single package for those ready to make the changes needed to boost their immune system as well as their overall health.
In order to help you measure your progress there is a quiz and a M.A.D.E. Meal Planner included for FREE!