Business Mentor

As a business mentor my commitment is to teaching the exact skill set I used to create myself an online fitness business. I take a vested interest in others who have a true passion for fitness and a heart for helping others. I help them to identify their goals and then reverse engineer a plan to reach those goals.


The entrepreneur that lives in each one of us, was ignited for me when I was tired of watching my husband work 90+ hours a week, just for my little family to have a good life. I hated to see him work so hard for someone else and miss our children growing up. It lit a fire in my belly to do more and take action so I could bring him home. My kids deserved to have their mom AND dad around and my husband deserved to enjoy life instead of work it away. I found a way to combine my passion of fitness and my 'Why' to bring him home to create a online, home based business. The spirit of the entrepreneur and hard work, has allowed my husband to be home and for us to live life as a family.

Fitness Advocate

I advocate for movement of the body, the way it was designed too - through exercise! I advocate for the stay at home mom with that baby weight, I advocate for the over 40 woman who feels she will 'only go downhill from here' I advocate for the woman, the mother, the human body that it can be healthy at any age or season of life.

Nutrition Rebel

I am FASCINATED by the effects nutrition has on the human body and revel in learning more, applying it and 'self experimenting'. My nose is always in a book about nutrition, it's fun for me! I love sharing what I learn and believe by educating others.

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