Favorite Things

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Please find below the things I use and enjoy in my life.

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Let's Talk Wine..... Wine not???

I like a glass of wine now and again, and I've found a wine brand I particularly like called Dryfarmwines.com. There wines are:

  •  Sugar-Free (< 1g/L)
  •  Low Sulfites (< 75ppm)
  •  Low Alcohol (< 12.5%)
  •  Mycotoxin/Mold-Free
  •  No Additives
  •  Dry-Farmed
  •  Organic or Biodynamic
  •  Old Vines (35-100 yrs)
  •  Hand harvested
  •  Wild Native Yeast
  •  Small Productions
  •  Gluten-free
  •  Paleo-Friendly
  •  Keto-Friendly
  •  Low Carb-Friendly
  •  Mouthwateringly Delicious
  • You can find out more by clicking the link below!

    Bootzie Oil

    I love Bootzie it smells great and its from Maui and makes me think of Hawaii - I got you a 10% discount code just type "made" at Checkout!

    Mommee Coffee

    I always try and drink low acid coffee to try and keep my body in an alkaline state - if ever I can't get bulletproof - I like Mommee Coffee too!!

    Butchers Box

    Great Quality Grass Fed Meat - $15 off your first order and Free Bacon if you order using this link!!!

    Bulletproof Collagen

    Get the same Amino Acids from Bone Broth without having to spend all the time making the bone broth!!

    Bulletproof Coffee

    Bulletproof coffee is specially selected to reduce the amount of mold in the coffee. This mold acts as a toxin and can prevent the body from woking in its best way!


    Muscle Up! Complement your workout lineup with Metagenics BCAAs, featuring clean, highquality branched-chain amino acids. 

    Bulletproof Ghee

    The best way to add, butter to your coffee is grass fed ghee. When I drink a bullet proof coffee - this is what I use.

    Bulletproof Packs

    Bulletproof does great packs which come with coffee and MCT oil and Ghee. Check them out here. 

    Collagen Peptides

    Restore your skin’s natural moisture, elasticity, and smoothness for a glow that radiates from within.

    pH Test Strips

    For Testing Alkaline and Acid Levels in the Body. Track & Monitor your pH Level using Saliva and Urine. Get Highly Accurate Results in Seconds.


    Beachbody Performance Energize, take before every workout to help sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results.


    I have been drinking Shakeology for years. While I've biohacked my body to achieve different things, shakeology has been a consistent part of my diet and a key part of my success.


    Supports the metabolism and utilization of many essential nutrients and the proper functioning of important enzymatic and physiological functions.

    Krill Oil

    Packed with Omega Oils, I take this daily to make sure I'm operating at my best!

    Oil Sprayer

    I use an oil sprayer, just to make sure I don't get too crazy with my healthy fats!!

    Cast Iron Skillet

    The right tool for searing, sauteing, simmering, braising, baking, roasting, and frying. Made in USA

    Crinkle Cutter

    Speed up your prep time in the kitchen with TableCraft's Crinkle Cutter. Singled-handed design allows you to rock and slice through firm fruits and vegetables

    Magic Bullet

    Elevate your health with the NutriBullet Rx, the world’s most powerful Nutrient Extractor. The NutriBullet Rx exceeds the abilities of standard blenders and juicers, transforming ordinary food into extraordinary nutrition.

    Lemon Squeezer

    Want a healthy drink? get juicing with an enameled heavy duty die casting aluminum lime squeezer by new star foodservice.

    Salt&Pepper Mill

    The salt and pepper mill set was designed with modern elegance in mind as well as optimal functionality. You reach for salt and pepper every single day, so why not make the experience as well-designed as possible?

    Smoked Sea Salt

    Sprinkle on for toasty color and a rich smoky flavor. Deep Alderwood smoke flavor and a mottled mahogany color define our Natural Smoked Sea Salt.

    70% Chocolate

     After Dinner when I want a little something sweet - this is my go -to 70% Cocoa so not too much room for carbs!

    Chocolate Almonds

    Just like the regular chocolate, I love this chocolate almond combination. Its great to have after dinner!.

    Mag Glycinate

    Magnesium supports muscle relaxation and nervous system health.

    Pique Tea

    I'm a coffee lover, but knowing what I do about gut health, I drink a cup of Pique Tea daily. Check out my blog on the benefits!


    When I learned about this probiotic I had to try it, and let me tell you - I've seen the benefits of it - and if you have any digestive issues - or just want your gut working better - I'd be taking this for sure! Use code melissamade for 15% off

    ketone and glucose monitoring kit

    Ketone & Glucose Monitoring Kit

    It can be really useful to understand how your body reacts to sugar, and if you have achieved ketosis - this helps you do both!!

    The Slight Edge

    Easily one of my top 3 books to motivate me to make change!

    Food Junkies

    Food Junkies

    The truth about food addiction.

    Life In The Fasting Lane

    Life in the Fasting Lane

    How to make intermittent fasting a lifestyle - and reap the benefits of weight loss and better health.



    The (mostly) plant-based plan to burn fat, boost your energy, crush your cravings and calm inflammation.

    Better Than Before

    Better Than Before

    What I learned about making and breaking habits - to sleep more, quit sugar, procrastinate less and generally build a happier life.

    Answers To Binge Eating

    Answers to Binge Eating

    New hope for appetite control.

    The End Of Overeating

    The End of Overeating

    Taking control of the insatiable American appetite.

    No Grain No Pain

    No Grain, No Pain

    A 30-day diet for eliminating the root cause of chronic pain.



    Why health care has failed you and how you can become smarter than your doctor.

    Fat Chance

    Fat Chance

    Beating the odds against sugar, processed food, obesity and disease.

    Why We Get Fat

    Why We Get Fat

    And what to do about it!

    Good Calories Bad Calories

    Good Calories, Bad Calories

    Challenging the conventional wisdom on diet, weight control and disease.

    PEA Relief

    PEA has been shown to support bodily comfort and increase subjective measures of quality of life.

    D3 5000

    This bioavailable form of vitamin D is solubilized in oil to support absorption in the intestinal tract.

    SPM Active

    Designed to help support the body’s natural capacity to respond to physical challenges and resolve the immune response.

    UltraFlora Control

    Designed to help support body weight regulation by delivering targeted probiotic support as Bifidobacterium lactis B-420™ which has been shown to help control body fat and body weight.*


    Estrovera provides relief for multiple menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and sexual problems.


    PhytoMulti® takes you beyond basic wellness support.