best time to work out

Best Time to Work Out? In the Morning!

Best time to work out?

Working out in the morning is BEST!

Especially if you can do it in a fasted state, working out first thing in the morning is a great fat burner. It also wakes you up and gets you ready for the day – and doing it first thing in the morning is a sure fire way to keep you from using the excuse that you ran out of time to work out.

[Side note: I’m working out on a small meal now as part of a new program called the 80 Day Obsession – read more about it here.]


Making a habit to get up in the morning and workout can be really hard for some people. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things that I help my clients overcome in the beginning.

Here are 5 tips that I share with them that I think can help you too. But aside from these tips, you really just have to own this, draw that line in the sand and reassure yourself that this WILL become a healthy habit if you just commit for 3 to 4 weeks with no excuses! YOU CAN DO THIS!

1. I’ve noticed that my friends and family members that have a hard time getting up in the morning also have window coverings that block out the natural sunlight. Open those up or take them off and allow the sun to gradually wake you up and tell your body that it’s time to get up. I never shut the blinds in my bedroom windows.

2. Have you ever tried to have your alarm out of reach? It’s much easier to get up and stay out of bed if you have to do more than just reach over to turn that annoying alarm off. When I have to get up super early to travel, I will put my phone in my bathroom and turn the ringer up so I can’t sleep through it and I certainly can’t ignore it.

3. OK, you got up to turn off that alarm, now turn on some motivating music and use something with peppermint in it to wake up your senses. This could be toothpaste, mouthwash, gum or a mint. You’d be surprised how much that blast of cool pops the eyes wide open.

4. Have everything set out the night before. This includes your shoes, workout wear, bottled water and pre-workout snack in the fridge and a plan of what you want to do the next morning. This is one reason why I love working out at home because it’s such a timesaver. I don’t have to look ‘put together’ (and boy do I ever look like a hot mess!) Plus, the commute is literally 90 seconds. I know, I’m lucky!

5. Call on a friend or your partner. Even if they don’t want to work out with you in the morning, ask them to hold you accountable by texting them a picture everyday of you up and starting your workout. A good friend will oblige and a great friend will say, “Let me join you!”

Society has made a sedentary lifestyle way too easy. Unless you’re in the fitness industry or work a laborious job, you’ll never get enough exercise in the day to stay your healthiest.

We need to schedule it, we need to stick to it and we need to honor it.

It absolutely does not need to be anything crazy. Just get that heart rate up for 30 minutes, get that healthy glow going (ok, sweat) and it will make all the difference in how you look and feel…BIG TIME!

should you avoid grains

Should You Avoid Grains In Your Diet?

Should you avoid grains in your diet?

Well, take this advice with a “grain” of salt!

Just as controversial as eggs, coconut oil and artificial sweeteners are…grains have been a real topic of discussion lately. A day doesn’t go by I don’t get asked if I eat them.

Short answer, never!

When I took a real interest in living a higher fat lifestyle, one of the first books that I picked up was, “Grain Brain” by Dr. Perlmutter. It was honestly the first time that I was told grains are not healthy. His book made a lot of sense to me and really ignited the fire in my belly to learn more about being more specific with the carbohydrates I put in my body.

Another good book, called Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis, shed some light on my views of grains as well.

Dr. Davis states the simple fact that two slices of whole wheat bread raises your blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of sugar does… It raises it higher than a Snickers bar. High blood sugar triggers insulin and when that happens too often, our bodies get sick.

He also makes a bold statement that wheat consumption causes heart disease. It’s not cholesterol, it’s not saturated fat that’s behind the #1 killer of Americans; it’s wheat.

We have been taught by agribusiness that if white bread isn’t so good for you… Then whole-wheat bread must be a better choice.

Well the problem is, it might be a tad bit better but it’s still not really “good” for you.

I won’t argue with the fact that grains have fiber… But so do vegetables. And vegetables are much higher nutritionally than grains could ever be.

The truth is that “heart healthy” grains are the hardest food for us humans to digest. It’s why they wreak havoc on our immune systems, gut lining and trigger our inflammatory response.

All grains are really just seeds and seeds are meant to make plants. They’re not meant to be digested. They contain phytic acid which blocks the absorption of minerals in your small intestine. Why would you consciously eat something with a low nutritional value but a high caloric value? Again, why not eat something highly nutritious and low in calories like vegetables instead?

And lastly, did you know that wheat also has a protein called gliadin that has been proven to be an appetite stimulant. And you bet the air that you breathe the Big Food companies know this as well and that’s why it is put into almost all packaged food.

I know most people’s answers are to just eat a gluten-free diet but that only takes care of a small portion of the problems that grains create.

When companies produce products like gluten-free bread, they instead use products like cornstarch, rice starch, tapioca starch, and potato starch. The starches actually increase blood sugar higher than even the wheat. That means more weight gain… Especially in the abdomen. There are not any healthy replacements for wheat.

We are sucker punched into believing, thanks USDA, that whole grains are good for us and that we should eat them at every meal. We get problems like weight gain, hypertension, higher cholesterol, arthritis, acid reflex and diabetes from the grains but the Big Food and Pharma companies get lots of money. It’s ALWAYS profit over the people with these guys!

Yes, soaking, sprouting or sour leavening your grains helps a little but why make eating healthy so complicated? I’ll go back to what I always say and that is to eat tons of vegetables, nuts, humanely raised meats, wild caught fish, pasteurized eggs and healthy oils. You will notice a BIG difference within 24 hours, I promise!

fast food

Fast Food is Really an “F” Word For Me!

Fast food is really an “F” word for me!

But I have to be realistic and remember that for my vacationers, road tripper’s and busy Moms… Sometimes fast food is it for options.

With that in mind maybe I can help you by giving you ideas on the better choices that these places offer. Although most of us would think you can’t go wrong with a salad… that’s not always the case. So let me share a few things I will get if in a SERIOUS crunch myself (and honestly, I’d have to be as the “quality” of the food is never as good as what we can purchase ourselves) and have to order from the dreaded fast food menu.

Well, you pretty much can’t go a mile down the road without seeing a McDonald’s. I really have a love-hate relationship with this company because although I don’t like how they market to children, I do appreciate the Ronald McDonald House.

McDonald’s offers an Asian Sesame Fusion Grilled Chicken salad that isn’t too shabby. However, I’m not a fan of the dressing because of the poor quality of ingredients so try to use that sparingly.

Dunkin’ Donuts seems to be a very big chain and if you’re in a real hurry and want to get coffee and something to eat on the go, their Veggie Egg White Flatbread isn’t so bad. It certainly beats one of their donuts (remember I’ve blogged that should be a NEVER food. Find a different treat).

Now you know me, I sure wish they would use the whole egg but the protein from the egg white, the veggies included and the cheese for fat makes it a not-so-horrible idea. However, I would love for you to order two of them but add the egg white mixture to the second flatbread so you have more veggies, fat and protein but no more simple carbs. Let the birds have the second flatbread.

Now I don’t think Chick-fil-A is as big of a chain but if you have one in your area or where you visit passing through a place that has one, they really do have a salad that you can enjoy without too much guilt.

It’s called the Grilled Market Salad with a Roasted Nut Blend. Again, ingredients in the dressing aren’t the best but because of the fruit inside of the salad, I hope you can go really light on the dressing.

OK, I included McDonald’s so you know I also have to include Starbucks.

The majority of Starbucks drinks are downright ridiculously bad for you. I would ask that you steer clear of them and enjoy a natural cup of black coffee or one with just a little bit of heavy cream or almond milk in it.

Starbucks around the world are obviously fantastic at advertising so they sell a protein box, called Starbucks’s Protein Bento Box, that of course is much better than their heavenly banana bread (so I heard from a friend😜) or their cute cake pops.

Everyone believes from marketing that protein is the way to go and so in labeling it as they do, it helps them fly off the shelf. But it will help keep you satiated since it does have a good amount of protein in it, some healthy fat from the eggs and some fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Because I’ve never been one that believes you need to eat every couple of hours, most of the time I would rather skip a fast food trip than eating what they offer. But being the travelers that my husband and I are, there are times it’s been way too many hours since I ate and one of these will have to do. I don’t feel too much guilt because considering the alternatives that these restaurants offer… what I’ve shared with you won’t derail you much at all (as long as your usual meal plan is on track of course!)

And finally, I suggest that what you order you get to go so that you can leave that restaurant and eat that food guilt free without having the temptation of going back to get something more.

eat before or after workout to lose fat

Should You Eat Before a Workout?

Well before two weeks ago, I would have given you a resounding NO!

I’ve been doing fasted workouts for 18 years and attribute it to my lean physique. I know through all of my studies that you burn more fat when fasted and it also increases your levels of human growth hormone…which also increases fat burning. I’ve never struggled to stay lean.

I read a small study back in March, from the Department For Health, University Of Bath, United Kingdom, that proved that men who did not eat before breakfast burned more fat. The study also showed that exercising in a fasted state had a positive effect on their metabolism as well.

However, I was asked to be in a 90-day test group where the Celebrity Trainer, and friend of mine, asked me to follow her program to the “T.”

Of course I’m going to honor that request and so I’ve started to drink my Shakeology an hour before my workout instead of afterward.

Now it’s only been a week that I’ve done this but I know that this program is geared toward building a rounder booty and creating flatter abs. I don’t lack in the abs department but I always have when it comes to the booty. I swear I was dead last in line when they were passing those out!

So trusting Autumn like I promised I would, I would like to see if fueling my workout allows me to build bigger muscle mass in the areas that count!

Do you eat before or after workout to lose fat?

I have always treated myself like a guinea pig and have never tried to be closed minded about other schools of thought. Remember, I went vegan and raw in the name of science?! Maybe I’ll learn that if I have a fueled workout, instead of a fasted one, I might be able to build muscle in the areas that I haven’t been able to do in the past.

But in my own defense, I’ve never really tried… LOL! I’ve always said that I wanted a booty but I’ve never really taken any action steps, like squatting or using heavier weights, to actually achieve one. This girl loves cardio and body weight strength training.

Autumn has us lifting heavier weights then I’m used to, for sure, so I certainly have a sore backside. Stairs and the toilet are my enemies today! She is really emphasizing with us what is called, “Timed Nutrition.” Again, something that I’ve never studied or done myself.

So I will share with you, on this 3-month journey, my thoughts and the changes that I see.

I’m thinking without a shadow of a doubt, I will build my booty a bit because these workouts are intense and my body’s just not used to the heavier weights. But what will be interesting to see is if the fed workout and the meal timing agree with me and keep me looking as I do, help me look even better or possibly filling me out in ways I don’t want. I guess we’ll see…here’s to my next 80-Day Obsession!

Weight loss motivation

Excited to Share your Weight Loss Motivation with Your Buddy?

Do you have a loved one, or loved ones, who you want nothing more than for them to WANT to lose weight? Are you excited to share your weight loss motivation with those who could also benefit?

Even good intentions can hurt people’s feelings. The last thing people want to be reminded of is the fact that they need to lose weight. So, in order to not hurt anyone’s feelings, keep in mind that a person who is overweight doesn’t need to be reminded daily…they already know.

But there are some things you CAN do to help inspire them to WANT to make the change for themselves. Here a few ideas.

Try to meal prep and workout at a time that doesn’t take away from them or isn’t a daily reminder of what they’re NOT doing. Seeing this every day will most likely make them more bitter and put in their heads negative thoughts like, “It’s so time consuming to be healthy” or “Being healthy makes it so you can’t hang out with your loved ones.”

As excited as you are about your progress, tread lightly when mentioning a goal met. Only do it if asked and WHEN asked, be honest and happy about it but don’t stay on the subject too long. And absolutely never give advice! Any sentence that starts with, “You should…” or “You need to…” is off limits.

When it’s time to eat together, absolutely eat your healthy foods. Also offer to share but if they’re not interested…leave it at that.

Let your loved one know, ever so often, that you are here for them if they want to join you on your journey to improved health. Also tell them that you believe in them. Don’t act like an expert or tell them what could happen if they don’t change their ways…just be there for them and encourage them when the talk does come up.

Bottom line, be consistent with YOUR goals but not in their face about it. Your results will quietly inspire them, if they don’t feel like your lifestyle is being pushed on them.

Your job is to be a humble example and an encouraging friend that does not judge or give advice. Always let them know you’re there for them, you believe in them and, no matter what, you love them!

Should a Treat Still Be a Healthy Choice?

Should a Treat Still be a Healthy Choice?

Should a treat still be a healthy choice? Or should you just enjoy a treat, whatever it is, because it’s a one off?

I have a word, an acronym really, that stands for an indulgence…a treat. It’s NAGIBOW. Certainly a silly name but it stands for:

Not A Good Idea But Oh Well!

In your lifetime, you are going to indulge in NAGIBOWs outside of your healthy eating style… Does it really matter what you have, or is a “treat” always a “treat?”

Just like good and bad fats have been wrongly categorized together, I think treats have been categorized the same way too.

You hear me preach all the time that I don’t think it’s a good idea to schedule cheat meals because life happens anyway and you will have that moment when that treat is absolutely worth it (like the first time your future baker makes you a cake)!

But there are treats that aren’t so good for you and then there are treats that are downright ridiculously horrible for you. So what I would like to do is share with you some NAGIBOWs that you certainly shouldn’t feel too bad about having, and then those I want you to steer clear of at all costs. They will NEVER be worth the havoc they wreak on your health!


No – Donuts! Incredibly high in preservatives and the mixture of continuously reheated trans fat WITH sugar is the worst combination out there.

Yes – There IS candy out there made with respectable, non-GMO, preservative free, no hydrogenated fats or artificial coloring or flavoring. Just real stuff. Panda brand is pretty good.


No – Microwave popcorn! Most people don’t know that microwave popcorn bags contain carcinogens, or cancer causing free radicals. PFC’s are added to the bags to make them more greaseproof even though they’ve been linked to thyroid disease, ADHD and other illnesses.

Yes – There are plenty of companies, with whole food ingredients…especially non-GMO, that make and bag popcorn. Just be sure it’s cooked in a healthy oil like coconut. Skinny Pop is a great choice.


No – Fried ice cream! Most ice cream is made from the cheapest ingredients to begin with but then when you cover it with, most likely, genetically modified corn flakes, THEN fry it in trans fat… It’s probably The WORST thing on this planet for you.

Yes – Real ice cream! Just get the real stuff made from whole food ingredients you can pronounce and enjoy it. Don’t buy the ones that claim they’re healthier because then you’re going to get a lot of artificial crap that you just don’t need.

Comfort Food:

No- French fries! Potatoes themselves are really high on the glycemic index which leads to an increase in insulin. THEN frying these insulin spiking “vegetables” in reheated trans fat should never be an option. Carcinogen nightmare.

Yes – Have a nice soft pretzel with either some spicy mustard or butter.

Fast Food:

No – Fast food chain hamburgers! It’s been approximated that the meat used to make these burgers is really only 12% actual meat. The remainder of the ingredients are “other” parts and fillers that our bodies will want to reject. Plus, these chains will use the cheapest meat they can find…very high in omega 6 which is incredibly inflammatory.

Yes – Call in and order ahead of time from a burger joint you know that uses good quality meat. Twisted Root and True Food here in Texas are good choices.

Many times we don’t know how bad a certain food can be for us and then other times we try to come up with a healthier version of a NAGIBOW treat. If you’re going to have the treat…then have the treat! Just do your friend over here a favor and get the good stuff with REAL ingredients and avoid, at all costs, the 5 I have listed above!

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones? (Say What?!)

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones? 

Exogenous ketones were introduced in 2014… About the same time I really started diving into the health benefits of more fat in the diet.

But let me back up here, you may not even be familiar with the word “exogenous” so let’s start there:

Exogenous vs Endogenous

Exogenous = Originates from a source external from the body

Endogenous = Originates from a source internal to the body

Exogenous ketone bodies are just ketone bodies that are ingested through a nutritional supplement. Ketone bodies produced in the liver are more properly referred to as endogenous ketone bodies.

What does the science say?

Although I don’t think eating a diet ample in healthy fat is a fad, I do know that when science proves something is beneficial for us, there is a company working relentlessly to manufacture a product related to that discovery that will fly off the shelves.

Remember when resveratrol, found in red wine, was proven to be good for us? Supplement companies went crazy marketing pills and drinks with even just the tiniest hint of resveratrol in it promising anti-aging and weight loss.

What about garcinia cambogia? Remember that? It was marketed as a product that stopped the body’s ability to make fat and reduce appetite. Very small studies were shown that garcinia cambogia slightly raised levels of serotonin in the brain…that was all. There was no proof that it inhibited fat production and actually suppressed the appetite enough to generate any weight loss.

Most of the research put into exogenous ketone supplementation has been for the medical treatment of conditions such as cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s/dementia. Any other research has been done for athletic performance. The goal is to see if the use of exogenous ketones provides any additional fuel sources for the body when pushed to its limit.

For weight loss

However, I know that most people who are considering supplementing their diets with exogenous ketones are wanting to do so for weight loss. This is where research is lacking.

So let’s just say that you were eating a diet with lots of healthy fat and are producing your own endogenous ketones…would supplementing with exogenous ketones also help me burn fat even faster? No!

Let me explain:

Your body has a natural response to significantly elevated blood ketones. It will actually increase insulin secretion (the current thinking behind this is to restrict ketone production to prevent ketoacidosis). Remember, insulin is our fat storing hormone. Ketones may actually decrease fat oxidation if consumed in high enough amounts, just like other macronutrients. This is why in The MADE Diet, I have most people between 40 and 60% fat.

And from what I hear, there are some companies that will tell you that you can, “Eat carbs and stay keto-adapted.” UGH! NO!

Burning fat for fuel

If there is one thing you take away from our conversation, it’s that a diet higher in carbs and fat is detrimental to your health. Having spikes of insulin in your bloodstream and lots of fat in your diet is one sure fire way to never lose the weight you’re after.

What we really want is for our bodies to start burning fat for fuel instead of sugar. The production of endogenous ketones is what makes this a reality. Many people now measure their blood ketones through urine, breath and/or blood. Nutritional ketosis is a range of .5 to 3.0 mmol/L.

Most people who eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) will measure in at a .2 or .3. Getting to .5 and up only requires fewer carbohydrates (and those chosen to be from quality sources), a moderate amount of protein and a good amount of healthy fats. That’s when the body will start to burn fat for fuel.

Personally, I usually measure at .8 mmol/L and have a body fat percentage of 17%.

This girl just doesn’t believe that you need added ketones from external sources in your diet in order to be a great fat burner.

Can sugar ever be healthy?

So Can Sugar Ever Be Healthy??

So, can sugar ever be healthy?? 

In a word…no!!

You can probably guess I’m not a fan of the stuff. I’ve yet to read a study that gives me ANY reason to tell you, that even in small doses, it’s ok to consume.

This notion that a calorie is a calorie and moderation is key is complete B.S. when it comes to sugar. I’m just trying to be your friend – if I tell you it’s ok for you and your kids to have, because it’s really not.

No, I’m not perfect, far from it but if I lived on a deserted island with a produce stand, a McDonald’s and a candy store…I cross my heart, hope to die I’d only eat off the produce stand.

But there are those times my friends want to split a dessert so I’ll take a bite. Sometimes a family member will bring me Hot Tamales (my favorite) and I’ll take a few out but then let the trash have the rest. You really can never say you’ll “never” have sugar again…because you will!

But because it is added into damn near everything we eat and drink today, we need to try especially hard to choose wisely.

Would you ever consider a 10 day sugar detox?

Just 10 days to see what it really feels like to not have that junk in your system!

As quoted by registered dietician, Brooke Alpert, “Sugar makes you fat, ugly and old.” I would add that it makes you sick too! Why on Earth do we eat and drink it then? Addiction, that’s why!

But if I can get you to just leave it completely out of your diet for 10 days, I think…no, I know, you would feel a tremendous change that would make you continue on a sugar free lifestyle (with the occasional shared dessert).

Are you still asking can sugar ever be healthy? Have I convinced you to give it the detox a try? Yes? Awesome!

Here are the simple guidelines:

  1. Read your labels. If it was made by man, you need to know all the ingredients. Sugar is hidden in the darnedest places.
  2. Fruit is natural but contains a lot of sugar. You have to see it as a treat (but after your 10 days).
  3. Keep your beverages simple: water, tea and coffee.
  4. Eat as farm fresh as you can: pasteurized eggs, humanely raised meats and tons of veggies.
  5. Take it day by day.

It is called a detox for a reason, because you are ridding yourself of toxins! You are going to feel crappy before you feel amazing…prepare for that.

You can do this and I PROMISE you that you will feel the best you quite possibly ever have! So instead of being fat, ugly, old and sick you’ll be thin, glowing, full of life and healthy!

Now THAT is worth passing on the dessert for!

How to form good habits

How to Form Good Habits, Even When the Going Gets Tough

How to form good habits.

Habits – we all have them! Good habits like brushing our teeth and bad ones like hitting the snooze button.

And I know you know that ALL habits can be created and broken…so why do we STILL have the bad ones?

While in New Orleans, I had the honor of hearing Darren Hardy speak on the subject and he did something pretty profound. He put up slides of generic people and how they look today and then how they could look years later after continuing with their bad habits. Made me think…”Man, I need to create an App where you can put in your bad habit or crutch and it’ll compare your picture today with a picture of you 20 years from now and the adverse effects it will have on your well-being!”

Could you imagine, if you happen to be a smoker, fast food junkie or tanning bed-aholic, how much more effective having a 20 year before and after, side-by-side, photo would be in helping you make the decision to quit that unhealthy habit?

I’ve always been a sun worshipper and I was that 20 year old slathered in baby oil. At 43, I’m dealing with the damage I did so long ago. Now I’m the crazy Mom chasing her adult children around the beach trying to slather them up with SPF 100!

What is usually so good for us, like eating the salad instead of the bread basket or having the sparkling water instead of the rum and Coke, has ZERO initial positive results. In fact, it’s the opposite. When we eat the pizza, curl up on the couch or light the cigarette, we are much happier…but only for the very short term.

Creating long-lasting fitness habits

When I start working with people on their fitness journey, one of the most common responses I get after the first week is, “I don’t know how you’ve been able to do this for so long… It’s so hard!” There are cravings and addictions that make your enthusiasm for change SO HARD to stick to.

I always respond with, “At first, it IS hard. Because you have old habits that you’re trying to break and new habits that you’re trying to create…You have a routine that’s just tough to change. But it can be done and you will wonder how you ever lived the lifestyle that you used to.”

Not only that, but I have seen it hundreds of times. When you start to really see changes in the way that you look and feel… It actually makes it easier to hang onto those new habits and never go back to the old ones, because you appreciate the NEW YOU so much more. That’s when healthy living actually becomes a habit…a habit you don’t ever want to break!

For every 20 messages that I get from people thanking me for changing their life with The MADE Diet, I will get one where people aren’t seeing quick enough success. It’s usually because they’re doing one or two mindless things keeping them from losing weight and getting lean while adapting to a higher fat, lower carbohydrate lifestyle.

Let’s talk about 3 of those common mistakes “MADE”:

#1 is still eating too many carbs. This usually happens by finishing off your child’s grilled cheese sandwich or having a few pieces of fruit with your morning omelette.

In the beginning of making this transition, it’s really important that you try to stay around 50 grams or less of carbohydrates per day. This way, you know by how you look and feel after those 7 to 10 days, if you’re insulin resistant or sensitive….which will help you gauge future carbohydrate intake long term. Just one large grapefruit has over 23 grams of sugar.

Grapefruits can be healthy but for the 27 grams of carbohydrates attached to them, I know a way better source of nutrition for those kind of carbs. We’ve got to be picky and green veggies and Shakeology are, by far, the best bang for your buck!

#2 is falling for those “fake foods” that are on the market today. When I ask people who are claiming to not be seeing results, what they are eating, they are normally incorporating some sort of low carb bread or low carb protein bar into their daily diet.

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again… we need to eat less from the factory and more from the farm. These foods that are full of sugar alcohols and ingredients that we cannot pronounce are just not good for us and they just totally confuse the body! Our brains are savvy too…if it’s sweet (even chemically sweet), it’s going to raise insulin levels. Remember insulin is the fat storing hormone!

I know life is busy and having a quick go to food seems to be non-negotiable but I still want to implore you to only eat three large meals a day and if you HAVE to snack, grab a small handful of macadamia nuts or drink a Bulletproof coffee. More and more coffee shops are adding that to their menu. And this may be a shameless plug, but my daughter Taylor, will be offering Bulletproof coffee at her coffee shop opening next month. #proudmom

#3 – the 3rd thing might actually surprise you. Most people who eat a higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet don’t get enough salt. Not having enough salt in your diet will actually make you feel miserable and have you wanting to give up on the whole lifestyle.

For decades, we were told to avoid salt because we had way too much in our diets. This was when TV dinners and prepackaged foods were at their highest. That stuff is crazy loaded with sodium. But over the years, we have gotten wiser about eating less “boxed” food and processed carbohydrates so getting salt from our foods has gone down significantly. So those of us that eat a lower carbohydrate diet have actually become salt deficient.

When you’re salt deficient, you feel tired, it’s hard to focus, and headaches might develop more often. This is especially true in the first week of The MADE Diet.

A great way to test if you’re salt deficient is to dissolve half a teaspoon in a big glass of water and drink it. If you feel better within 15 minutes (maybe your headache went away or all of a sudden you have more energy) then you probably were suffering from some sort of salt deficiency. I recommend that you use pink Himalayan sea salt.

OK, I’m on my soapbox now and I have a bonus mistake for you.

People still have a fear of fat. So when they go on The MADE Diet, they have no problem lowering their carbohydrates but because of their fear, they increased their protein too much instead of increasing their fat enough.

I have also mentioned in the past the metabolic pathway called gluconeogenesis. In simple terms this means that eating too much protein on a low carbohydrate diet will cause the liver to convert amino acids found in protein into sugar. Protein is so important in our diets but eating too much can sabotage your results. How much is too much??? I help you find the perfect amount for your lifestyle in my ebook.

Perfection sucks and I wouldn’t want to be your friend if you were perfect…that’s boring! But being good 85% of the time still allows you to occasionally have a bite of the grilled cheese or some berries with your eggs. But I really encourage you not to be “less than perfect” for at least 10 days when starting this lifestyle so you can TRULY appreciate how eating this way makes you look and feel!

How to get motivated

How to get motivated (and stay that way) to reach my goals?

How to get motivated? How to stay that way and reach some insane (but achievable goals)?

That’s a pretty common question for people to ask. I even Googled it and there were almost 19,000,000 results…WOW!

Well I can share with you what has worked for me over the past 2 decades. I’m certainly no Wonder Woman and I do have setbacks, but long-term consistency is key.

5 things that have truly helped me to stay motivated

1.KNOW YOUR GOAL – The more specific you can be with it, the better. Wanting to lose weight or run faster isn’t enough. Exactly how much weight are you wanting to lose? How fast, down to the seconds, do you want to run that mile? By knowing specifics, you can then jump to #2.

2. This is something I learned from my Mentor, Chalene Johnson. Reverse engineer that goal. Let’s say you want to lose 25 lbs. Well, if you want this to be long term weight loss, you cannot lose it too quickly or it’s not sustainable. 2 to 3 lbs a week is the most you’d want to lose. With that being said, it’s going to take you about 10 weeks to reach your goal. By putting your BIG goal into chunks, you can not only focus on one week at a time, but you can also have 10 mini celebrations on your way to the big 25 lb weight loss party (without cake…opt for some berries with homemade whipped cream)!

3. Don’t try to do it alone. We are people pleasers by nature and it’s MUCH harder to let someone else down than it is to let ourselves down. If no one knows you’re trying to cut sugar out of your diet and they see you eating a Snickers Bar, there is no one to lovingly remind you of your goal. Tell those close to you your goals and better yet…ask one to be your accountability partner. Whether I have a fitness or business goal, I ALWAYS find someone I’m close to and ask them if they’d set a goal for themselves as well so we can do it together. It’s nice to have friends and/or family that want to help you be better, isn’t it?! I love those that make me want to “Level Up!”

4. Educate yourself. Now this has REALLY worked for me over the past several years. Let’s just say that I let sugar creep back into my diet (Halloween is a bugger for me I tell ya). The FASTEST way for me to stay motivated to NOT eat or drink it is to read a book, listen to a Podcast or watch a documentary on how bad sugar is for me. It’s like going to church people and you want to confess ALL your sins and promise to NEVER touch that stuff again! Hallelujah!

5. Don’t leave it to chance, organize your life. Whatever your goal is, it’s going to take action everyday…several times a day. What if your goal was to become Insta Famous? You’re hella good at applying makeup and by December 2017, you WILL be noticed and picked up by a major cosmetic brand. Good for you but without #1 posting good content everyday and, #2 researching the latest trends everyday and, #3 liking the posts and pages of those you want to be discovered by everyday and, #4 practicing creative new ideas on yourself everyday – that long term goal won’t become a reality. If you don’t set aside specific time everyday to do the above mentioned (or food prep and workout if weight loss is your goal), you will not create ‘good’ habits and old habits and favorite TV shows will creep back into your life.

Simply stated: stay motivated by knowing exactly what you’re after, breaking it into smalls goals, finding an accountability partner or group, strengthening your ‘why’ by educating yourself and organizing your day by prioritizing what’s important first. By doing this (and yes, it’ll be challenging at first), you will crush those goals like Grave Digger crushes old Buicks!

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