Learn How To Embrace Our Inner Child – Live Your Life With More Joy

We all have an inner child that needs to be let out to play. The difficulty in that for some of us is that we have forgotten how to embrace our inner child. You might be wondering about our inner child and how it plays out in our daily lives. Our inner child is an aspect of our unconscious mind.

Embrace Your Inner Child

Our inner child is connected to our memories as a child. It is that imaginative, magical moments of pure joy, blissfulness, and innocence. That part of us that feels responsible for things that go wrong; it is our fault. You may have heard about the inner critique? All our inner child wants is to be acknowledged, loved, and embraced.

If you have children, you probably already know what I am talking about. Children have a way of reminding us how carefree and unhindered they are at that time of their lives. Children are very playful and imaginative. The way they engage with the world around them can draw out our own inner child. Just watching them can remind you of your childlike feelings, and you might even have a longing to be one again.

How we can embrace our inner child

Try new things, create unique learning experiences.

Go ahead and explore the ideas you have, doing something you haven't done before. Take a short road trip to explore, a museum, an art class, or some sort of activity that you always wanted to do. Your inner child loves to be nurtured,

  • Gratitude for your inner-child.

Our inner child loves to be nurtured, acknowledged, and appreciated. Make sure you show that gratitude for your inner child. Acknowledge by doing and welcoming your childlike aspects.

  • Look Up...
Inner Child

put down our phone, stop what you are doing, and just lookup. Look around you and take notice of life that is happening around you. Our inner self is curious about life and what is going on outside of ourselves.

  • Keep things simple.

As adults, we complicate situations and our world around us, trying to control every aspect of our environment and life. Kids just do, they are not worried about if their clothes match, or if their hair is out of place, or worry about what others think about what they are doing. Kids are flexible and adaptable to most situations and meet it without the feeling of failure.

  • Get creative.

Write down your thoughts, start a new hobby take up art classes. Maybe you might feel stuck and unimaginative at first, but it's been a while, so keep practicing, and you will find your inner child will come out.

  • Have a playdate.

Create a playdate with your friend or friends to do something new with. Perhaps take an unexpected field trip.

  • Play with children.

Set time aside to regularly play with your children. A board game, a day at the zoo, going to the circus, or just hanging out and playing make-believe or dress up. If you don't have children, borrow some. Maybe your siblings' children, grandchildren, or even your best friends' children.

  • Do one thing mindfully each day.

Children don't worry about what is going on around them. They are fully engaged with whatever activity they are doing.

Give your full attention to what you are doing at the moment. Maybe it is you paying attention to your breath, or sweeping the floor, driving in your car…. Stop and pay attention, notice what is happening in your body, how you are feeling, the smells around you and don't judge it. Just let it be. This is called coming fully present at the moment.

  • Do something daily for no good reason.

Dance, listen to music, read a book, hang out with your friends or maybe just hang out in a park to do nothing.

  • Do something just because you feel like it.

How often do we ignore those urges to just stop and take a time out? Give yourself time to just be…..

As adults, our lives can get tunnel vision and sober-minded. I urge all the readers here to learn how to embrace our inner child. The world around you is in a constant state of fluctuation, which can create loads of stress and fear that we cannot control. We can choose, to embrace our inner child and improve the quality of our lives. Make peace with the world around us and enjoy the journey rather than living without joy.

I invite you to share your picture of you embracing your inner child with me. Post and share it with me on your Instagram or Facebook! We could all use a little more of our inner child to bring us to the NOW. Love the life you have!