Date Night Ideas to Stay Fit (Not What You Think ;) )

Remember when dates nights used to mean getting dressed up, fixing your hair and makeup, and actually going OUT somewhere? Now, going out requires social distancing, masks, and lots of hand sanitizer. More and more couples are ditching the traditional date night ideas for more active plans. And no wonder! After spending the first half of the year quarantined in our homes, Americans are itching to get out and do something fun and adventurous.

date night ideas to stay fit

If this sounds fun to you, take a look at these date night ideas to stay fit!

Entry Level Fitness Date Ideas

Even if you’re not a super athletic person you can still get your body moving with these entry-level fitness date ideas.

  1. Go for a long walk on the beach (or around the park, lake, etc.)
  2. Help someone move
  3. Jump on a trampoline
  4. Visit an indoor trampoline jumping center
  5. Play bocce ball
  6. Go miniature golfing
  7. Walk your dogs or borrow someone else’s to walk for the evening
  8. Take a city walking tour of historical sites
  9. Visit an amusement park
  10. Visit the zoo and walk the parameter
  11. Explore the largest farmer's market in your area
  12. Participate in a charity walk
  13. Paddle in the same canoe
  14. Walk around your area doing random acts of kindness for others
  15. Take downtown city bikes everywhere you go for the night
  16. Plant a garden together
  17. Volunteer to clean up a local shelter or community garden
  18. Play shuffleboard
date night ideas to stay fit

Sporty Date Ideas

If you’re more athletically inclined this list of sporty date night ideas will be right up your alley.

  1. Head to the batting cages
  2. Organize a group date playing softball
  3. Play t-ball together
  4. Challenge each other to a one-on-one basketball game
  5. Register for a 5k together
  6. Play flag football together
  7. Have a ping-pong tournament
  8. Do a Mud Run/Tough Mudder
  9. Play Wii sports together
  10. Play racquetball
  11. Go swim laps in the pool
  12. Play a game of soccer together
  13. Play a game of rugby together
  14. Try your hand at field hockey
  15. Take an aerobics class at the gym
  16. Do an at-home workout video together
  17. Have a tennis match for two
  18. Spot each other weight training
  19. Play dodgeball
  20. Go golfing
  21. Visit Top golf
  22. Play Frisbee Golf

Active date nights are the perfect way to fit in some fun and fitness. Not to mention that being active together is a perfect bonding experience for you and your significant other. Put turn off Netflix, put down the popcorn, and check out some of these date night ideas to stay fit!