What is the “645” workout program…and should you do it?

The 645 workout program begs many questions if you’re unfamiliar.

What is it?

Should I do it?

What will be my results?

When beginning or looking into any new workout – these few questions are expected.

You want to know if this workout program will be the best decision for you and your lifestyle.

You want to make sure it’s practical and you have the will and means to give it your all.

You want to know everything and anything there is to know before starting. You should know everything there is to know about a workout program before starting so you can make a conscious decision as to whether or not it’s right for you.

So, let’s dive into what the 645 workout program is and if it’s something that’ll benefit your personal fitness journey.

What is the “645” workout program?

This workout is called the “645” because — you work out 6 days per week for 45 minutes, for 13 weeks straight. It’s done by Beachbody Supertrainer Amoila Cesar.

During those 13 weeks, Cesar breaks the program down into four separate stages of various intensity and focuses. The reason he advocates for this is so your body is always in conditioning mode — helping you grow and become stronger throughout the process.

During those 45-minute workouts, you’re completing Functional Resistance Training, Cardio, and Mobility Moves that help your body feel energized during and after the workout.

It takes commitment and self-motivation.

It’s a commitment that helps you change everything about your fitness journey. It takes willpower and strength to stay committed and workout every day for 45 minutes.

During the 13 weeks, you’ll be targeting major muscles all while increasing your range of motion.

It ticks all the boxes.

If you’re someone who wants to target your muscle groups, increase your range of motion, and up your fitness level — the 645 may be a perfect workout program for you.

But before you make your decision on whether or not this program is right for you — let’s dive into the breakdown of these workouts in 645.

The Workouts

According to beachbodyondemand.com, the workouts in 645 are categorized and differentiated throughout the week.

For example, it’s stated that for 4 days during the week you focus on power and strength training. What this means is that you’ll switch from heavy weights, and low reps to light weights and higher reps.

Then, on Wednesdays, the focus is on stability and mobility — with emphasis on stretching and movement. This part of the week will help with workout recovery and serves as a “break” in the 645 workout week fashion. I use quotations around the work break because this doesn’t mean you don’t work out or give it your all on Wednesdays — it’s more of a reset so you’re ready to tackle the next day harder and even more prepared.

Saturday is for cardio. Cardio 45 is a high-energy cardio session that helps get your blood flowing and the calories flying off in no time.

Sunday serves as a rest day — to help regroup and get ready for another week of 645 coming your way.

So, now that you know what 645 is and all it entails — is it a good fit for you?

What does your life look like right now when it comes to work and other responsibilities? Is this something that highly interests you? Then it’s time to carve out time (only 45 minutes!) in your week and work hard.

If you like high-level workouts and a challenge for your fitness journey, this may be a great and exciting challenge for you to take on!

If you’re unsure, talk to a professional to make sure this workout is something that will be beneficial for you and your body and not the other way around.

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