Always On The Go? The BEST Kids Boxes To Slay The Lunch Game!

Let’s be real for a sec — People are busy. We have places to be!

It’s hard enough to think of your own lunch — let alone trying to think of nutritious packed meals for the tiny humans in your life. Sometimes we fall off the rails and throw some chips and an apple in a bag and call it good, right!? Really — We’ve all done it.

This is where we need to come together and help each other out. Like a secret club to make it seem like we have it together (shhh!). So let’s chat.

How do we stay on our A-game when it comes to kids lunches?

Start with the Basics

According to the CDC “Empty calories from added sugars and solid fats contribute to 40% of daily calories for children and adolescents ages 2–18 years.”


One thing I think we can all agree on is that we want our kids to be healthy and happy little superstars. What’s a better way to fuel this??




FATS (Yup, You heard me — Fat)



Oh my!

The Big 6 that would say “I’m kind of a big deal” if they could talk. These are the essential building blocks that give all humans the fuel we need to keep our bodies going. And let’s face it — kids are ALWAYS on the move.

Let’s Lay It Out On The Table. Literally.

A little of this… a little of that…

Variety is the spice of life! When packing lunches, keep in mind that it’s okay to give a little smorgasbord of options. This can really help in making sure you are putting those big 6 ticket nutrients in play.

Hey — it gives you an excuse to visit the container store, am I right??

A rummage in the pantry or trip to the grocery store might be good too while you are at (big shoutout to order pickup!)

This prep is worth it I promise! Having a variety of options such as meats, fish, beans, legumes, cheeses, nuts (if acceptable), veggies, fruit, whole grains, eggs, and so forth will ensure healthy options.

Okay — enough with the stats…

Time To Pack It Up

You’ve completed your trip to the container store, you’ve got WAY too many groceries packed in your fridge, so what now?

Make it easy on yourself. Pre-prep anything you can — slice up those veggies, dice up some fruit, broil a bunch of chicken (or heck! Buy it already done that way!)…. Literally anything to make it simple to 1. Grab 2. Pack and 3. Go.


If you like organizing or math (or both). You’ll really like this part.

Half of the plate…errr… container really… should be colorful veggies with some fruit in the mix. About one quarter should be lean protein, and the other quarter whole grains. Throw in some healthy fats and a little side of dairy — Viola! You got yourself a meal.

I know, I know — Not precise math, but you get the idea.

Think Of The Children!

But moooom…. (Or whoever you may be). Consider that you are feeding tiny creatures that may not be totally content with JUST the healthy stuff. It’s okay to add a small treat! A finishing little touch that’ll please the taste buds.

Make it interesting too! You can find the most adorable cutouts for fruit or go the classic route of ants on a log with celery sticks. Kids will be much more inclined to chow down if they find the fun in fresh food.

Ready To Try It?

Want your kid to benefit from healthy on-the-go lunch options? It’s really simple once you break it down. Keep it easy on yourself with grocery store ready-to-go packs and quick at home prep.

There are lots of food options when it comes to the Big 6 and countless ways to switch things up. And most of all have FUN with it! Your kid will thank you (or not) but they will be happy regardless.

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