The 4 Best Ways To Pack In Nutrients Within A High Fat, Lower Carb Meal Plan

Who here feels personally victimized by diet trends within the health and wellness space?

I think we all have at some point.

It can get exhausting to sort through… “Do this, try that!” Can make you feel like screaming, or crying, or both.

Instead of trying the latest and greatest thing — think about what actually works.

✓ Whole foods

✓ A colorful plate

✓ Portion sizing

✓ Meal timing

The same can be said for cutting out loaded carbs (especially the empty ones) and concentrating on healthy fats for the body.

It’s just important to make sure that you are still getting a good dose of all of the essential nutrients your body needs if you plan your meals around a HFLC meal structure.

Food Out, Food In

If you’re just starting out or feel a little lost about your meal planning — make sure to go through the “food out, food in” method. This means to weed out the foods that aren’t benefiting you and add foods that will.

It’s like skiing for the first time. Start at the bunny hill, go up to the slope, and then do the big hill. You might give your body a little bit of a scare if you completely flip your food without working your way into it.

✓ Assess your current meal plan

✓ Note the foods you should keep, eliminate, or adjust

✓ Make steady changes

✓ Monitor how you feel and note your progress

✓ Adjust where you need to

It might take time — but small changes can make a big difference.

Don’t Be Fooled

There are several diets that can fall under the high fat, lower carb umbrella — but I have to slap a big WARNING sticker on some of them.

Just because a particular food item is high in fat doesn’t mean that it’s actually good for you (or that it can be eaten buffet style).

Foods high in saturated fats should be limited. This includes…

✘ Cheese

✘ Milk, Cream, or Butter

✘ Cured Meats

✘ Fatty Cuts Of Meat

Same goes for lower carb items such as…

✘ Any Processed Packaged Food

✘ Refined Oils

✘ Processed Meats

✘ Diet Drinks

Be careful of any non-whole-food item that labels itself as low carb or diet friendly. A good rule of thumb is to know and understand what each ingredient is on the package — and keep in mind that any food should be eaten in moderation.

Variety Is Key

Have you ever played that question game “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”

… well, you’d most likely be pretty nutritionally deprived.

It doesn't matter if you choose something unhealthy (like donuts) or healthy (like chicken). You need to eat a variety of foods to maintain a good balance in your body. Granted, you’d get more out of the chicken then a pastry — but you’d still be missing some pretty key nutrients.

Think of all of the variety that typically comes from a garden. Picasso up your plate! Make sure you put those colors on display.

Variety also means food groups. Try to keep a spread of different categories on your plate as well.

Do Your Research

On top of making sure that you have variety within your meal plan, make sure you know what different foods do for the body and what nutrients they provide.

If you find that you’re starting to lack in an area, consider HFLC options that will give you a good dose of what you need.

➜ Need some magnesium? Try almonds

➜ Need some antioxidants? Try blueberries

➜ Need some fiber? Try broccoli

The science behind food is actually pretty straightforward, and there are lots of sources to find the information you are looking for — plus communities who are always willing to help.

Plan It Out

Any time someone is considering a switch in a meal plan or way of eating, it’s always best to lay it all out to understand the best approach for this change.

✓ Research

✓ Plan

✓ Organize

✓ Set Goals

✓ Get Support

No need to feel overwhelmed! Positive change to your health is a benefit to your body and mind, which will only serve you in the best possible ways.

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