A Special Mother-Daughter Journey in Celebration of the 100th Podcast Episode

The Melissa Made Show has reached a big milestone — we’ve hit 100 episodes!!!

I wanted to celebrate the Podcast by opening the doors to my life a little and share an intimate conversation with a very special guest — my mom.

Together, we take a journey through the chapters of our lives, from when I entered the world, to the triumphs and tribulations that we have overcome together.

A Journey of Love and Challenges

My mom opens up with a story of young love, recounting the early days when she and my dad tried to elope, saying that they “knew they were made to be together”.

Their love story continued, happily married and pregnant with, well, me!

But things take a turn at this time. It was revealed that our family was going to have to navigate baby me having certain birth defects due to my father’s time at war and the chemicals he was exposed to.

The challenges, surgeries, and emotional rollercoaster that followed were nothing compared to the resilience and unwavering love my parents showed. They pushed forward and did everything in their power to help me live the best life that I possibly could — and I couldn’t be more grateful. 💚

First Steps to a Limitless Future

In the early stages of my life, my parents were confronted with the prognosis that I might never run, skip, or even walk due to the Agent Orange-related limitations.

But I’m happy to report that the story takes a triumphant turn — My mom recalls the moment when self-determined, little old me broke expectations by taking my first steps.

There was a huge emotional significance of this milestone and, as my family navigated this path, they came up with creative solutions that enabled me to have the active lifestyle I craved so deeply.

Determination and Stubbornness

It wasn’t easy. I had to go through complex treatments, including skin grafting, staples, and a formidable recovery process that tested my physical and emotional strength.

My mom mentions that my determination was what got me through it — but I knew it was their support that did the heavy lifting.

Thanks to them (and maybe a little of my stubbornness 😉) I was able to make transformations that we were told were not possible.

Lessons for Similar Challenges

My mom is always open to helping parents who are navigating similar journeys. She talks about the importance of advocacy, speaking up for your children, and seeking support from communities and organizations for guidance.

We hope that my journey offers solace, inspiration, and some insights for listeners facing their own challenges.

There’s a power in family bonds — and a strength that can be found in the face of adversity if you dig deep within.