The High Fat Low Carb Made Diet!

Have you heard a lot about High Fat Low Carb diets, ketosis, Gluconeogenesis etc? Where do I stand?

I am not Keto!
I am not Paleo!
I am MADE!

It took years of reading, watching, researching, studying and experimentation on myself, my family and my friends to come up with the BEST scenario of all of these lifestyles combined. The MADE Diet is unique (which is why it’s so effective)!

I do not buy into the fad you need to eat 5 to 6 meals a day, that just keeps your body from EVER burning stored fat. I hope you know it’s those snack companies filling you full of that nonsense (and a bunch of other crap).

I also do not buy into breakfast first thing in the morning as being the most important meal of the day. McDonald’s and Little Debbie have led you to believe that for obvious reasons.

Eating no carbs for extended periods can damage your thyroid. Eating too many carbs can cause insulin resistance and eventually “diabesity.” It can really mess with your mind as to whether you’re eating too many carbs or not enough!

Too much protein wreaks havoc on your kidneys and liver and can essentially turn into sugar and then store as fat. Excess ingested protein could, through a process called gluconeogenesis, produce glucose. Not in line with your goals, I’m sure!

In my humble opinion, trying to get 75-85% of your calories from fat robs you of all the amazing, nutrient dense, vegetables you can enjoy and too many people (in an effort to add variety to their super high fat low carb diets) eat unhealthy fats to try and keep that ratio so high. As yummy as pork rinds, conventional bacon and fried chicken are…eating them should be rarely (or never).

Our body likes a High Fat Low Carb Diet – it has uses for both Fat and Glucose.

Our bodies are like a hybrid car (remember, I’m married to a car guy). It is most efficient when it can run off of alternate sources of fuel. Fat is a premium fuel and should be our main source but there are cells that do need glucose, but not too much. It’s a very fine balance and I believe that I’ve discovered it!

I’ve never tried to achieve high levels of ketosis with The MADE Diet, but I’m always in nutritional ketosis (0.8 millimolar) with this style of eating. It works perfectly for me, and thousands of others I Coach. I constantly receive messages from people in disbelief at how fast they see and feel the positive effects. Not only do you get the benefits of ketones in your bloodstream but you also get ample antioxidants, phytonutrients, polyphenols and “roughage” to keep you looking and feeling young and at your very best! If we take really good care of ourselves starting today, we’ll wear our great grandkids out no problem in 30 years! That’s my goal atleast! 😉

Would you like to get MADE? You can join my next challenge group in June, experience my unique High Fat Low Carb diet and get amazing results. To get involved (purchase required) – send me a facebook message or email me