P90X3 – Fitness for the Busy

Do you use your hectic schedule as an excuse for not working out as much as you should? Well, Tony Horton has your number! You can work the P90X3 routine into even the craziest of calendars. You just need to clear a simple half hour every day for your workout, and isn’t your health worth 30 minutes?

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P90X3 is similar to P90X in that it is a 90-day program split into three blocks of roughly 30 days each. Blocks one and two are each four weeks long, and block three is five weeks long. It’s designed to get you ripped in those 90 days.

There are 16 all-new workouts in the P90X3 program. If you know the P90X or P90X2 plans, the workout styles will be familiar, but because of the time constraint, they have been adapted to maximize your output in a shorter amount of time.

That’s because the major difference is that each of the workouts is only 30 minutes long (except for the Ab Ripper, which is only 15 minutes).

Styles of Workouts

Core Strength

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, your ability to exercise is directly affected by the strength of your core. This workout, you’ll focus on increasing your strength and balance during Yoga, Pilates, and Isometrix workouts. You’ll need these for the more intense workouts that follow.

Whole Body Burn

Just like its predecessor, this whole body burn workout focuses on using muscles throughout the body at the same time to maximize your burn.  Total Synergistics, Triometrics (plyometrics with a P90X3 twist), and CVX are all designed to get you to top speed to start burning fast.


The Agility X portion of the P90X3 workout is all about speed and endurance. Think of hopscotch and other playground games, but taken up about 1,000 notches!

Necessary Equipment

One of the nice things about this work out is that a lot of it relies on natural body weight for resistance. However, basic exercise equipment such as a yoga mat, various sized dumbbells, and a pull-up bar will increase your results.


I haven’t discussed the importance of proper footwear much, but I must mention it for this workout. The exercises are intense, and many of them (especially Agility X) require you to switch direction quickly. You don’t want to turn an ankle (which would be so easy to do), so I would highly recommend cross-training shoes if you are going to try P90X3. Don’t use running shoes; they won’t give you enough support.

Meal Plan

As with other Beachbody workouts, this one comes with a nutrition guide. It is especially important to follow this one, because those 30-minute workouts are beyond intense, and you need to ensure that you are giving your body what it needs to be able to keep up.

If you follow the plan, you’ll keep your body energized and find yourself shredded at the end of the P90X3 program.