Eat smart tips for guys (from my guy!)

Eat smart tips from my guy to yours!

In honor of Father’s Day, I asked the Father of my 2 kiddos to give his “male perspective” on The M.A.D.E Diet.

Many people don’t know this but Mick (my husband) was the one who got me into eating healthier. When we met in high school, he was the one eating clean and I was downing Doritos and Coca Colas.

Although my passion is in helping women, I know many of my ladies have men they love and want to keep healthy too. I thought they might enjoy reading Mick’s no B.S. guide to The M.A.D.E Diet and picking up some eat smart tips along the way!

The MADE diet through a guy’s eyes….

Hey there! I’m Mick McAllister, husband of Melissa McAllister and also co-creator of 8hr. Abs and TeamMADE inc. Just thought I’d share my over simplistic way of understanding this incredible lifestyle change! Because, I don’t need to know all the specifics as long as it works.

Here’s what I noticed right away. Just pretend you’re a caveman. Seriously, you’ll see how history alone will show you the truth in this way of “taking care of yourself” – even in the modern days of 2017 and beyond.

We were created perfectly. Sometimes for answers you just have to peel away all the options that unfortunately can consume us. Thousands of years ago you woke up and food wasn’t abundant and just sitting in a fridge… Nor was there a store on every corner where you could easily get more.

It would take effort or (exercise) to go find and gather your first meal. You just don’t roll out of bed and start your day eating. I’m not talking about bagels and cereal, nor hopping in a car and heading for McDonalds.

You would be lucky to find fruit after hours, but usually some sort of natural vegetation would serve as fuel to continue your hunt for the “treat of meat”. We lived for food and sex. Some things never change!

  • Our “diet” was to capture fruit, nuts and vegetables. Many times, eating what we could to get by… grasses, roots, seeds and berries. An animal was the ultimate catch but only eaten occasionally.
  • Several days you wouldn’t eat anything at all. And guess what, we wouldn’t die!
  • Never did they mix in bread products or processed carbs of any kind because it’s not natural! As in… it’s not real food.
  • Nothing with flour or sugar, it didn’t exist… yet every “diet” today tries to justify a percentage of this category that you can have, or are allowed.

Because it’s what people want to hear. But it’s not what we need…

In the dark ages (a much simpler time) we had it all nutritionally. Whatever you could find, you could eat; there was no guilt, no overweight people and everything you consumed had benefits for you (as long as it didn’t kill you first!)

We didn’t have internal diseases back then like we do today… People died young due to infection and lack of medicine – NOT like today where medicine and technology is the best it’s ever been, yet it’s used more to overturn our self-made (and repeated) shit decisions to kill ourselves. Slowly.

If you missed it. Here are those live and eat smart tips again.

Wake up and do exercise and effort first, until that effort deserves a fueling. Was it hard to rest 8hrs? Is that why you need to eat as soon as your eyes are open? Let your body get a running start everyday before you feed it. 3-5hrs.

Think before you shovel it in. Could you get it from what walks on and grows from this planet? That’s enough choices for you. Don’t elaborate. Eat smart.

We didn’t “eat all the time” STOP IT! You were lucky to eat at all. 2-3 proper meals a day, with real food, is more than enough. Even if you’re trying to gain weight!!! And remember there were no lights back then, and fire was rare so STOP eating at sundown – 7-8pm

Feed your body from the land and treat it with God’s creatures. 80% of what you should eat is everything except animals. But, eat those animals too, as they provide you magic for your system you can’t find in anything else.

Get your rest. You’ll get eaten alive (back then literally) without proper rest. Pay attention to your pets, you know… those dumb animals. Or are they? Remember, they don’t evolve like us and live their life with a phone in their hand and a bag of chips in the other. They eat when it’s time and get the rest they need.

Simple, like nature. Like a predator!!!

Your energy will increase, you’ll lose weight, bloat, wrinkles, cellulite and increase firmness and definition, sleep like a baby, get yourself off current medications and even reverse existing health issues. Just by following this.

That’s enough for me to understand.

For more details, specifics and answers, visit The M.A.D.E Diet

Happy Father’s Day!