Are All Carbohydrates Created Equal? Well… NO!

Are All Carbohydrates Created Equal?

As you all know, I follow a Higher Fat Low Carbohydrate diet… I eat meat and fish as my major sources of protein (along with nuts, seeds, eggs etc.)

But low carbohydrates doesn’t mean no carbohydrates. I don’t want you to go completely carb free… that wouldn’t be good for your health either.

So here are some of the benefits of carbohydrates (the good ones!)

  • They provide our bodies with energy
  • They contain important protein (yes protein!) and lipids that our bodies need to function
  • They offer our gut good bacteria which is vital for our overall health
  • They help to form our muscles and maintain them (despite what many bodybuilders will say!)


Are All Carbohydrates Created Equal?

In a word… no!

The good guys

Whole (or unrefined) carbohydrates are our friends. They are unprocessed and contain fiber that is found naturally in food.

These are the carbs that can be eaten in moderation (and that amount differs amongst each of us – check out my M.A.D.E Diet ebook for more details):

  • Vegetables (ideally ones from above the ground – so no potatoes please!)
  • Fruit (berries are the best option)

You might be wondering why I’ve not included other common, less refined carbohydrates to the good guys list – brown pasta, brown rice, legumes etc. Well, technically yes they are classed as the good carbs – by mainstream diets – but I would argue that even though they contain some benefits, they just don’t provide enough for you to waste your daily food intake on.

The bad guys

Refined and processed carbohydrates have had the dietary fiber stripped out of them and offer little to no nutritional value. On top of this, too many refined carbohydrates have been proven to contribute to type 2 diabetes and obesity. They cause spikes in blood sugar levels, hunger pangs, cravings and untold damage to your internal systems.

So, avoid these at all costs:

  • White bread
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Fruit juice (I know it should be healthy but the majority aren’t)
  • Processed beverages (i.e. energy drinks, soda)
  • Processed snacks (chips, candy etc.)
  • Pastry and bakery items

Prioritize your nutritional intake with meals made up of fresh meat and fish accompanied by healthy vegetables. I know the transition can be tough, but honestly you will feel more energetic (and less hungry) than you imagined.

Talia matthews says September 22, 2017

True on every level 💜

Melissa Hammer says September 23, 2017

I have read your MADE book. I am not a fish eater, I do not like alot of it. Tuna is about it. I am hypothyroid as well and shouldn’t eat things like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower. I am a RN and you are right when you said it goes against all i have learned. I also have a family history of heart disease. I keep a really close eye on my lipid profile so that is why I am a little reluctant.

Chantal Smalley says September 24, 2017

Love this article! Turned 50 in January. Went healthy Keto in April. Feel amazing … best ever! Love your MADE plan. I eat tons of veggies. Occasionally eat sweet potatoes. What’s your GO TO carb? Thank you for your continued blog posts. ❤️

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