Yummy Low Carb Recipes You Need In Your Life!

Yummy low carb recipes!

One of the first ‘problems’ people instantly bring up when considering a higher fat, lower carb lifestyle is the lack of inspiration for tasty meals. No bread, pasta, rice or potatoes can sound boring to some people. And maybe even a little daunting if these food items make up your current daily menu.

Following the SAD (Standard American Diet) would probably see some form carbohydrate constitute part of each meal; think cereal for breakfast (however healthy it claims to be), a sandwich at lunch and pasta for dinner.

But the problem with meals like these, and any containing processed and refined carbohydrates, is that they may fill you up immediately, and taste delicious, but they will overload your body with the wrong kind of energy, leaving you feeling bloated, and hungry again shortly after.

They will also cause blood sugar levels to spike, and doing this consistently can lead to health conditions such as diabetes.

But Melissa, I love my food, and I would miss all my favorites!

This is another one I hear all the time.  And I get it.

You’ve been so accustomed to certain foods that you can’t imagine giving them up. So instead of thinking of what you’d be missing out on, why don’t you focus on the things you will be able to enjoy more of?

I’ve found some really tasty meal ideas and that I know will leave you satisfied, and healthy. And not missing your old junk food at all!!

Loaded zucchini skins


Turkey meatballs and zucchini noodles

Country Living

Lemon rosemary chicken

Country Living

Curried red lentil soup

Country Living

And for those with a sweet tooth, you might worry about missing your cheesecakes, apple pies or chocolate mud cakes. Well, there are some absolutely yummy alternatives out there…

Chocolate chip skillet cookie

Cafe Delites

Snickerdoodle cookie dough balls

Whole New Mom

Walnut fudge

Ditch the Carbs

There’s no more excuses not to enjoy healthy, low or zero carb food for you and your family every single day!

I’m curious to know, what are the firm favorites in your family that you’ve already replaced with no carb alternatives?