My Problem With A Keto Diet Plan

I had to put this post up – to clear up some confusion on my thoughts about a keto diet plan and also to set the record straight… with my reasons!

I said it before and I’ll say it again – I can’t support the keto diet plan that most keto fans seem to be following. For a few reasons, but mainly because it seems to be another ‘diet’ that promises quick weight loss. And I don’t believe quick weight loss is good…ever!

There is tremendous value in achieving nutritional ketosis for weight loss (check out my blog post on it.

But my problem with the mainstream keto approach is the lack of nutrition the overall food suggestions deprive your bodies of.

I believe in consistently eating healthy foods, that are higher in fat, lower in carbs and as unprocessed as possible. You might be thinking ‘but hey, the keto diet plan also suggests this!’

And you’re right in some ways, but the difference between the HFLC (higher fat, lower carb) way of eating and the keto diet is that keto doesn’t emphasize healthy vegetables enough, and (in my opinion) overdoes the protein, much like the Atkins diet did.

I also don’t believe that one size fits all in terms of amounts of protein we each need. Men and women need different amounts for sure, but each person has different needs too and these need to be taken into consideration. Health conditions, weight, fitness levels, activity levels, health and weight loss goals, all contribute to how much we need to eat. Just taking a diet and applying it to everyone will not work, not in the long run.

But, my biggest concern with the whole keto diet trend is the absolute lack of nutrition it offers. Sure, the protein sources from meat and fish are in line with the MADE Diet, but the balance is a little off in my humble opinion. I believe your plate should be mostly veggies (and you know Brussels Sprouts are my favorite!) and a moderate amount of protein.

Of course, there are varying ranges of advice out there on the keto diet plan, but most sources say your daily intake of fat should be 70-80%, protein 20-25% and carbs 5-10%.

Now, for me, that’s way too little focus on the good carbs in the form of veggies (spinach, broccoli, peppers etc.)

But I’m losing weight, Keto works for me! Well my counter argument to that one is – you could literally starve yourself and lose weight – but it wouldn’t be healthy to do that and I would never recommend it!

Losing weight is obviously a big weight loss goal for many. But this should never come at the price of your overall and long-term health. Losing weight but depriving yourself of necessary nutrients is not a long-term strategy – it will only lead to more disease and a poorer state of health in the future.

For those of you who remember the low fat fads and food products of the 80’s – and I do oh so well – you’ll remember that everyone thought it was the next big thing to solve the obesity crisis and make people healthier. Think low fat yogurt, fat free bread and low calorie energy drinks!!!

Well, you know where that has led to us? More obesity and the worst public health crisis of our time.

More diabetes, more heart disease, ever expanding waistlines. I fear things like keto, and other trends, could also lead us down a similar path in the future if they focus too much on weight loss and not enough on overall health and nutrition.

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle should always come before anything else. Please consider that before trying out the keto diet plan, or the next trend promising quick weight loss.