Core de Force Workout– Introducing MMA Beachbody Style

Core de Force MMA style, a new Beachbody style of exercise to add to their multiple types of exercise programs. Beachbody does a great job creating fitness programs that are relatable to the everyday person. You’ve seen from some of my posts that they are largely successful in doing so.

Nowhere is this more apparent though than with Core de Force, an MMA (mixed martial arts) based exercise program that was the first of its kind on the market. Yes, there are other MMA exercise programs, this is their first serious workout focused solely on MMA style exercise.

As you can tell by the name, you’ll be focusing on core strength (we’ve discussed the importance of that in terms of exercise and health) while building a shredded and sculpted physique.

The Creators

Beachbody brought in the experts for Core de Force. Joel Freeman is a gym owner and national body combat trainer. Jericho McMatthews earned her degree in physical education and kinesiology and is a master trainer. Between the two of them, there is enough energy in this program to keep you interested beyond the 30 days.

Core de ForceThe Basics

The workout is heavily cardio, but (strangely) mostly low-impact, which is good news for those with bad knees or ankles!

There are 11 routines in the program. Some of the individual exercises may look familiar (piyo, power sculpting, kinetics), but they’re all tailored to the MMA style.

Routines vary from 5 minutes long (5 Minute Core on the Floor) to 47 minutes (MMA Power and Dynamic Strength, to name a couple).

This program relies solely on your bodyweight, and you don’t need equipment for this program.  Although, since you will be doing floor work, you may want to have a yoga mat handy. You’ll need roughly five to six square feet of clear space, as well, because you will be kicking and moving around.

The Details

In addition to the routines mentioned above, there are several 3-minute “rounds” that are super intense and focused. There’s a bell at the end of the three minutes, so you feel like you’re training for a fight. It’s a good motivator.

There is also a modifier who completes the moves slower and with less impact, which is an excellent way to either start the program or to take it easy without missing a day.

The Usual

As with other Beachbody exercise programs, there is a nutrition guide. Following the Beachbody container system and list of approved foods while doing Core de Force will give you adequate nutrition to fuel your body throughout the program. Best of all, it’s only a 30-day program, so you can repeat it to reach your target goals or move on to another program if you find it’s not for you.

I’d recommend giving Core de Force a try to strengthen your core before attempting some of the more complicated programs. It’s also available on Beachbody on Demand.  

Core de Force