Should You Hit Up Your Local “IV Bar”? Do IVs Work for Anti Aging??

After work, you and your coworkers decide to hit the bar…but not for a few drinks. THIS is an IV Bar, which is supposed to help you fight hangovers and colds! But is it a good idea?

Somebody recently told me about this for the first time, and at first my reaction was, “Woah, cool!”

It’s literally what it sounds like: you go into the bar, choose a vitamin “cocktail”…but instead of a bartender, you get a nurse!

And I know you’re probably imagining something unsanitary — a mental picture of getting a needle in you at a dive bar!! But the environment is completely sterile (and sober), the “bar” name is just to make it sound more catchy, and ironic, since many people are using these to cure their hangovers!

So like I said, I thought this was an awesome idea…at first. Then I thought, “Is it safe to get an IV when you don’t need one?” Dr. Eashwar Chandrasekaran from IU Health didn’t seem to think so. He says, IV insertion comes with risks, like giving liquids and vitamins too QUICKLY, or damaging your artery. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen!

But if you’ve found a reputable place and so you aren’t too worried about the risks, your next question is probably:

Can an IV Bar make me feel better and healthier?

After all, the “cocktails” are loaded with vitamin C, B12, calcium, and arginine (used to combat heart problems). But is all of that healthy and safe? And how is it better than just taking supplements??

Well, an IV Bar usually claims that getting these nutrients inserted intravenously is more effective than ingesting them. states that it delivers vitamins “on a cellular level; bypassing the GI tract.”

Other sites say that an IV has a 90-100% absorption rate…directly into the bloodstream, not only is it more effective but you feel better IMMEDIATELY, which is certainly a nice idea for a hangover. (Not like I’ve had one of those in a LONG time, though 😉.)

But is that TRUE about IV bars being way more effective than consuming that nutrition orally??


Dr. Stanley Goldfarb with the University of Pennsylvania is another doctor who thinks this is a scam, and that going to an IV bar is LESS effective than taking the vitamins orally, because it bypasses the digestive system. Hmm…

As Market Watch reports, these IV cocktails often costs $100 – $200 or more for 15 minutes, and that a bottle of Vitamin C pills costs $10 and should be just as effective!

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence from people who have gone to an IV bar and they report feeling refreshed, getting compliments on skin, etc. But we have multiple doctors saying that having this vitamins go into your bloodstream with an IV drip is not any more effective than, well, just taking your vitamins!

If you want a less boring and more effective version of taking vitamins, an expensive IV drip isn’t the answer. What is, then?

Yummy superfood nutrition! I for one love shakes and smoothies that also aren’t loaded with sugar…Shakeology is a great example!


Not only do they contain superfoods like plukenetia volubilis (a “mountain peanut” rich in carotenoids and omega-3s), chia seeds, flax, quinoa, camu camu, Barbados cherry, Goji…should I go on? 😉 But you can ALSO click on “recipes” under each flavor to see how to make easy, yummy variations!

So we’re back to cocktails you can actually drink…healthy ones! Move over, IV bars…I would definitely go to a Shakeo bar!!

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