How To Stay Sane During The Holiday Season

This time of year should be a time of joy, happiness, and fun. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many people. Instead of slowing down and enjoying the magic of the season, we run ourselves ragged trying to create the “perfect Christmas.” Trying to buy the perfect gift, decorate our homes to look Pinterest worthy, and making it to every holiday gathering can make the holiday season feel more like a burden than a blessing.

How To Stay Sane During The Holiday Season
Melissa McAllister

When we focus that much of our time and energy on people and activities that don’t fulfill us, our mental and emotional health often declines. Don’t let that be you this year! Stay sane this holiday season by following these tips.

Be easy on yourself

Society has put so much pressure to have the perfect “Pinterest worthy” holiday. These expectations are too overwhelming for anybody to live up to but somehow we always start the holiday season trying to live up to them. And do these expectations make the holidays better? Heck no!

Take it down a notch this year and focus on what traditions make you and your family most excited. Meaningful activities and traditions will bring you and your family more joy and happiness than trying to look like you’re having the perfect holiday.

Don’t stress about making it look perfect, just be in the moment with your loved ones.

Self-care is a must!

Self-care is usually the first thing to go when life gets busy and chaotic. Why is that?? If anything, self-care should take more of a priority during the holidays. The holiday season brings so much extra stress, why throw out the very thing needed to combat it?

Self-care looks different for different people. For some, it could mean eating nutritious meals and staying more hydrated. For others, it may look like meditating or even taking naps. The goal of self-care is to do activities that bring you joy and relaxation. A good self-care routine will leave you feeling refreshed and energized instead of burned out and stressed during the holiday season.

Respect your limits

Wanting to make this time of the year special and memorable for your family is not a bad thing. The most important thing to remember is to keep it realistic. Take an honest assessment of what you can handle physically, emotionally, and mentally and go from there. Starting simple and small is the best way to go. That way you can always add in some extra stuff later if you have the time and energy and you won’t spread yourself too thin.

How To Stay Sane During The Holiday Season

Make rest a priority

Is it just me, or does time seem to go faster during this time of the year? First comes Thanksgiving, then the next thing I realize it’s New Years! There are so many holiday activities and celebrations during this time -which is good!- but it makes it so easy to run yourself into the ground trying to keep up. Make rest a priority this year by planning some downtime.

Block out some quiet time for you and your family at home. Take some naps (yes, you are allowed to nap!). Be selective in what holiday activities are most important so you are not constantly running from one thing to another.

Trust me, you will be grateful to have some relaxing pockets of time during the holidays to help you combat stress. Another bonus? Your husband and kids will benefit from it too.

Learn to ask for help

Repeat after me: it is ok to ask for help. I know we all want to be supermom and do everything for ourselves and our family but that is just not realistic. It can be hard to admit that we need help. Be honest with yourself and reach out to your support system.

The holidays should be something you enjoy- not something you just “make it through.” You and your family’s mental health is more important than having a picture-perfect Thanksgiving meal or Pinterest worthy Christmas tree. Slow down and enjoy this magical time with your family. Your mental health will thank you.