Dr. Frank Lipman: Daily Basics to Live Your Best Life [EP 24]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa interviews Dr. Frank Lipman, author of the book How to Be Well. He is one of the pioneers in integrative and functional medicine and was on Melissa’s dream list for podcast guests. They discuss overall wellness and aging in terms of diet, connection and being your own advocate.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Living Happy and Healthy
06:40 The Problems with Gluten
09:21 Being Your Own Health Advocate
16:16 Learning to Connect Again
18:58 Dr. Lipman’s Books

Living Happy and Healthy

Dr. Lipman talks about how there are so many simple ways to get healthy, and ways that go beyond what we typically think about when it comes to medicine. His book was based around six key areas for how to be healthy. When it comes to eating, Dr. Lipman emphasizes the importance of eating as little sugar and starch as possible. It’s also about when and how you eat.

The Problems with Gluten

Gluten seems to be a problem for most people, especially in America. In the US, the wheat has been altered and sprayed with pesticides. Dr. Lipman believes that the pesticides are a huge part of why gluten is a problem, though it’s a complicated issue and there are many reasons not to eat it.

Being Your Own Health Advocate

Dr. Lipman encourages people to ask their doctors if they are treating the symptom or the underlying cause when prescribing a medicine. He also recommends asking about things such as side effects and who it’s been tested on.

Learning to Connect Again

Coming out of the pandemic, many people are still living more isolated lifestyles. Dr. Lipman shares the importance of connecting with others and giving back to your community.

Dr. Lipman’s Books

How to Be Well is Dr. Lipman’s favorite book he’s written. He’s also written a book on aging as well as one on sleep. The fundamentals of aging well are the same as overall health, eating well, exercising and getting quality sleep. He also talks about Hearty which combines genetics, bloodwork, wearables and health coaching. His final thought is to take control of your health, and be kind to others, yourself and the earth.

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