Dr. Mindy Pelz: Amazing Health Benefits Of Fasting [EP 42]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Dr. Mindy Pelz, fasting expert and author. Melissa and Dr. Pelz talk about the benefits of fasting, how to fast properly, and what kind of foods should be part of a diet while fasting. Dr. Pelz goes into detail about what happens inside the body during fasting and how it can play a part in living a long, healthy life.   

In this episode you’ll learn:

Adrenal Fatigue      
10:40 Diets vs Fasting       
17:38 Fasting Info     
27:08 Your Body
30:42 Foods
43:37 Women     

Adrenal Fatigue

Dr. Pelz talks about what happens to the body when fasting. Fasting puts a little bit of positive stress on the body. This forces your body to heal. When people have adrenal fatigue, it’s best to start slow. Pushing back meals just a little bit at a time will get the body to where it needs to be.

Diets vs Fasting

Sometimes fasting is labeled as a diet trend. Fasting is not a diet, it’s an important way of eating that helps the body heal. Dr. Pelz breaks down the health benefits of fasting and what it does for weight loss.  

Fasting Info

When you fast, your body burns fat that was previously stored in the body and uses it as fuel. It prepares your cells to be ready for food that will eventually come. Bad cells will be replaced by better, stronger cells. Meanwhile, bad bacteria in the gut sheds and new, good bacteria takes its place. Longer fasts should be more spread apart than shorter fasts. Dr. Pelz talks about how often to do different lengths of fasting.

Your Body 

When you fast, your body is getting rid of toxins. You have to make sure your liver is healthy, you are getting good sleep, and that you are having normal bowel movements. You might not feel very good when you fast as you are shedding toxins, so you want to make sure your body is up to handling it.      


If you eat foods that are harmful to the body and try to fast, it won’t work the way it should. The best foods you can eat for fasting are whole foods. Don’t over complicate your diet, eat good foods, and time out your meals. 


Dr. Pelz talks about the changes that happen to women over 40. When you spend years fasting, it makes a difference in your hormones and your body is going to respond in a positive way. Fasting helps with the aging process and overall health.

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