Joel Freeman: Behind the Scenes of the New LIIFT MORE Program [EP 28]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa is excited to have her friend and creator of LIIFT4 and LIIFT MORE programs, and Beachbody Super Trainer, Joel Freeman on the show. Joel shares more details about his new program as well as the philosophy behind it, and how working out enables him to live life to the fullest.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Joel’s Background
11:08 Workout for What
19:35 Lifting Heavy
29:21 Lessons, Mentors and Worth Ethic
41:50 Rapid Fire Questions

Joel’s Background

Joel started out in construction, but his fitness career began by working for Gold’s Gym which helped him evolve his business side. As he got more serious about his health, he eventually started with Beachbody and became the creator of several fitness programs. Joel’s philosophy is that working out allows him to live his life and do all of the fun things that he wants to do.

Workout for What

Joel shares more about his fitness goals and how that relates to the lifestyle that he wants to live. Fun is very important to Joel and he talks about how it’s a cognisant mentality to balance his indulgences with consistency on either side of that. He compares it to a credit and debit system as a way to think about it.

Lifting Heavy

Joel talks about losing weight, building muscle and burning fat, and some of the outdated ideas that people have about them. Lifting heavy is one of the biggest things that Joel believes people are missing. He talks about how this relates to his programs.

Lessons, Mentors and Work Ethic

Melissa shares a question from her audience about the LIIFT MORE program and knowing which weights to use. It comes down to perceived exertion and how you feel after the set of 12 reps. If you feel you can do more to challenge yourself, then do more. Melissa asks Joel about filming his programs, his mentors throughout his career, and addresses other questions from her followers on social media.

Rapid Fire Questions

Melissa asks Joel about his favorite shoes for working out, intermittent fasting, his bucket list and more. Joel talks more about strength training and his philosophies behind his fitness programs. He listened to what people want to remove barriers and improve upon previous programs in the creation of LIIFT MORE.

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