Melissa McAllister: How to Avoid Guilt While Traveling [EP 27]

Show Notes:

Melissa travels frequently and often gets asked about how she enjoys her vacations without feeling a sense of guilt in regards to health. In this episode, she shares several tips that work for her when it comes to health and avoiding guilt while traveling.

In this episode you’ll learn:

All the Champagne and No Guilt
03:00 Tip #1: Choices When Dining Out
04:38 Tip #2: Staying Active
06:36 Portion Control
09:08 Tip #3: Loving Your Routine

All the Champagne and No Guilt

Melissa just returned from France and was receiving a lot of questions about how she enjoys and indulges on vacation without feeling guilty. After fully enjoying Champagne in France, she returned home without feeling any guilt.

Tip #1: Choices When Dining Out

Melissa’s first tip is about options and choices when going out to eat. She recommends eliminating one, or several of the choices. For example, choosing between alcohol, dessert or bread. This can vary day to day depending on how you’re feeling and what you most want to enjoy.

Tip #2: Staying Active

Staying active is so important on vacation. It can be easy to lounge by the pool drinking sugary drinks for 8 hours. Melissa recommends taking a walk first thing in the morning. You don’t have to work out, unless you want to, but just get your body moving. Always take the stairs!

Portion Control

In the US especially, portions are often huge. Take this into consideration when making your selections at a restaurant. If portions are smaller, you may be able to enjoy the bread or the dessert if you’d like to.

Tip #3: Loving Your Routine

If you overdo it on vacation and come back feeling guilty and having a hard time getting back on track, that is a sign that your routine may not be working for you. Melissa encourages you to reevaluate your routine if you feel this way.

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