Melissa McAllister: The Diet Soda Debate [EP 68]

Show Notes:

In this solo episode, Melissa gives her take on diet soda. She talks about moderation and consideration of health depending on how much someone drinks on a regular basis. She also lists studies that have been done and what to watch out for when researching.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:45 Correlations
07:10 Moderation
13:00 Studies


Melissa talks about how, back when she drank a fair share of diet soda, she started having joint pain and increased inflammation. When she cut it out, it took her a long time to “detox” from the amount that she had been drinking. After time, she noticed a night and day difference in her joints and the amount of inflammation in her body.    


It’s not bad to have diet soda in moderation, but you have to be careful about overdoing it. If you do drink a fair amount of diet soda, understand that you might experience some health issues, even if people tell you it’s okay. You also might skip on drinking adequate amounts of water, so it’s important to set parameters on the amount consumed.         


There are studies out there on links between drinking large amounts of diet soda and health issues. Do your research, check out different studies yourself, and watch where the funding for these studies come from. Try to stay as informed as possible from credible sources.          

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