Renee Walls Part 1: Breaking Down Dietetics [EP 7]

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Description: In this episode, Melissa Interviews Renee Walls, a Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician. Renee is someone that Melissa has looked up to for years as a mentor and they discuss all of the great ways Renee helps people achieve their health and wellness goals. They talk about Renee’s involvement with the Metagenics brand and other natural ways to enhance nutrition in the body.

In this episode you’ll learn:

It Really is Simple to be Healthy!
02:51 Metagenics and Renee’s Background
07:45 Vitamin D
16:42 Magnesium
24:10 Probiotics
34:38 Phytonutrients

Metagenics and Renee’s Background

Renee begins by explaining that she has been working at Metagenics for about 10 and a half years as a functional medicine and clinical nutrition consultant. She helps people like Melissa find real ways to make real changes to their health. Before her involvement with Metagenics, Renee was a nutritionist who found her love for medicine.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most common deficiencies in our society, according to Renee. Some of the side effects of low vitamin D that show up in patients across America are depression and muscle pain. Depression often is linked to low vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Renee expresses how vitamin D supplements can help ease a depressive state. Most people are vitamin D deficient because it’s not naturally occurring in many foods and not everyone is taking vitamin D supplements. It’s always best to go with a trusted and regulated source of supplements. 


In contrast to vitamin D, magnesium is a mineral rather than a vitamin. Magnesium is, according to Renee, the most common mineral deficiency in the nation. Magnesium deficiency causes twitching in the eyes and other muscles, muscle cramps, and an overall stiff feeling. Women can experience more pain during menstruation and cramps in their stomach area all month long. There are also many people who experience issues with feeling tense within the nervous system since magnesium is a natural tranquilizer. Renee expresses that magnesium supplements would be an easy way to heal many ailments in common life. Magnesium also helps the body digest food, so taking supplements can help increase gut health which benefits the entire body. When the gut is happy, the rest of the body is happy, too! 


Renee discusses the benefits of probiotics. One of the things that she talks about regarding the types of probiotics you should be taking is the marketing aspect of the probiotic industry. She advises Melissa and her listeners to figure out the actual science behind the probiotics they’re investing in. There is clinical data for probiotic products, so the idea that you can look at this information and choose products that contain real ingredients that will help heal your gut. 


Phytonutrients are found naturally in plants. Phytonutrients are what help the vitamins and minerals activate within the body. The colorful plant foods that are incorporated into a daily diet are what ignites the engine of the vitamins and minerals and helps them reach the different parts of the body. Renee discusses how Metagenics incorporates phytonutrients into their products and explains some of the science behind the ingredients. 

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