Tracy Pleschourt: The WHY Behind Our Results [EP 32]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Tracy Pleschourt, a life coach who focuses on teaching people how to understand why they are experiencing certain life results. Tracy dives deep into changing mindset through “mind math” and asking yourself important questions to make positive changes.

In this episode you’ll learn:

Understanding The Why
14:40 Mind Math
19:21 How Do You Want To Feel  
30:06 Transformation
35:55 Debunking Myths
46:26 A Healthy Lifestyle

Understanding The Why

Tracy’s framework helps people understand the WHY behind the results they are currently experiencing. If people understand the why, it can then help them make sense of their current thought process, and use what they learn to create something new for themselves. S. E. L. F. Stands for Solving the mind math, Eating foods that fuel them, Leaning to Collect Data, and Fasting. Each of these categories contain frameworks to follow to reshape the mind.  

Mind Math

The mind math is an important part of the overall framework. Thoughts (T) drive overall feelings (F) and feelings cause reactions (R). The purpose of understanding mind math is to not drive those thoughts away, but to be aware of them. It is better to respond to thoughts versus react from thoughts. 

How Do You Want To Feel

It is important for people to intentionally ask themselves how they want to feel. This helps “flip a switch” to the other part of our brain that is data driven and more fact-based. Which in turn helps people calculate the actions they need to take to make things possible. Once people shut down the feeling of impossibility and now feel like things are possible, people will be motivated to make a change. 


Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Metabolic transformation starts by understanding oneself. Understand what fuels you specifically because fuel is unique to each individual person. Learn to collect data about your body. Take care of yourself to increase longevity and overall health. These things will lead to positive changes on a personal level. 

Debunking Myths

Tracy wants to help debunk certain myths, not to tear things down, but to help people understand that the thoughts they are having are being driven by direct and indirect messaging. She wants to remove self-blame for habits people have created through things they have been told in order to move forward and change those habits.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle on a daily basis is asking yourself high quality questions to make sure that you are responding properly (versus reacting), participating in active self-care, taking care of your body physically, fasting to benefit insulin, eating quality foods, and staying hydrated. If everyone stays conscious of these constructs, it will benefit your body and mind.

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