Courtney Swan: Shifting Focus To A More Natural Approach [EP 65]

Show Notes:

In this episode, Melissa hosts Courtney Swan, an integrative nutritionist and the creator of Realfoodology. Courtney focuses on educating people on real, whole food eating and other natural approaches to better health. Melissa and Courtney discuss growing issues within the current food industry and what changes to make to lead healthier lives.

Key Points From This Episode:

03:46 On The Road
09:12 American Foods
14:48 Metabolic Health
19:44 Healthy Suggestions
30:35 Take Ownership
45:20 Be Intuitive

On The Road

Courtney talks about her career being a tour manager for bands that traveled all over the world. It was here that she started to see some downfalls when it came to health and nutrition, especially for busy people who struggle to find the time for self care. America in particular is a place where food is not as heavily monitored as far as nutritional value and a lot of unhealthy products are being sold.   

American Foods 

Some major differences in food in the United States versus other countries include portion sizes, the use of certain pesticides, and additives. All of these cause weight gain, bloating, and stomach sensitivities. There are 11 different large corporations that control most of the food in America, and unfortunately money and politics are why foods in the U.S. are filled with unnecessary ingredients.     

Metabolic Health

Courtney’s grocery store hack is any whole food that was once alive is viable to consume. Where we get in trouble is the additives and when whole foods transform into something else.  93% of the population is considered metabolically unstable, and we are actually sliding backwards as a society as far as chronic illness and disease.   

Healthy Suggestions

Organic pasteurized red meat, eggs, and any kind of green vegetable are the top foods Courtney recommends for a daily diet. Ultra Processed foods, seed oils, and refined sugars are the foods people should avoid the most. Avoid non-stick cooking utensils and use stainless steel, cast iron, or ceramic instead. It’s also important to look for natural products in cosmetics, skin care products, and other household supplies.  

Take Ownership 

Some ways to stay healthy and detox your body is to sweat, move your body, and take natural supplements. It’s good to tune into your own body and take back control to know what’s going to work best for you. Don’t get so caught up on what you think you should be doing and what others are telling you to do, listen to your body and look at how it’s responding to different foods. 

Be Intuitive  

In order to really listen to your body and eat intuitively, you need to clean out your diet and remove temptation. Give your body a chance to let you know what it needs for different stages and seasons. Focus on what you CAN eat. Also, make sure to follow natural sleeping patterns and built in circadian rhythms. Do your research and find your why to live a healthier life. 

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