Finding Balance and Taking Ownership of Your Health with Katy Whalen [EP 85]

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On this week’s episode, Melissa hosts Katy Whalen, creator of Joi, a platform that serves women and helps find answers to questions around health that can sometimes be hard to come by. Melissa and Katy discuss hormones and finding internal balance, especially as we age, and considering options when it comes to bettering health now to ensure a healthy, happy you in the future.

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Katy opens up about her struggles with fertility and the after effects of giving birth. She knew something was off, so she started looking at her labs and introduced peptides to the equation. She flourished with the changes, even going beyond her original goals. Katy talks about her company and how they concentrate on looking at hormones and other levels to maintain a healthy internal balance.        

Internal Balance                    

Sometimes women are scared of increasing their testosterone levels, but it’s actually important to maintain a proper amount, especially with age as it declines. Women around the age of forty also need balanced levels of progesterone, the calming and mood hormone, which tends to cause increased anxiety and depression if not monitored. Another big one is estrogen, which plays a part in maintaining good health in many areas of the body.      


Katy talks about her journey with semaglutide and how at first there can be a little bit of nausea or other side effects, but all in all, she’s found great success. Semaglutide works to dampen the noise of food so snacking isn’t such a large temptation. She believes in small doses to help out, but also not taking so much that you don’t want to eat. Semaglutide should pair with balanced meals, movement, and self-care.    


Peptides work by sending singles to your body to increase certain, necessary hormones. Different peptides concentrate on different areas of need, so it’s good to pair certain ones with any lows you may be experiencing. Things tend to lower, or decline, as we age, so it’s good to find balance in your body to help combat those issues. Take charge and ownership of your health journey.   

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