Melissa McAllister: Rant About Medications and Health [EP 59]

Show Notes:

In this short solo episode, Melissa talks about the big difference between necessary medications and ones that could possibly be eliminated with the right lifestyle and dietary changes. She discusses how both primary care doctors and functional medical professionals can help with complete, whole body care based on their different specialties.

Key Points From This Episode:

04:48 Medications
09:30 NTP’s
12:50 Education


Melissa discusses a reel she posted on social media where she talked about people taking medications and thinking they are healthy. After a comment about it being bad advice, she wanted to break down her thoughts on the topic. She discusses the difference between necessary medications and ones that people take that could be solved by healthy lifestyle and dietary changes.     


Melissa’s job as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) was created to be the liaison between clients and doctors. NTP’s are able to spend more time with clients discussing lifestyle and nutritional changes to help them get off of certain medications. The body is really good at letting us know when something isn’t right, and NTP’s help navigate how to manage those issues.   


Melissa wants everyone to be as educated as possible when it comes to medications and health. People should work with their doctors as well as other functional medical professionals (like NTP’s) to get the best possible care. Having the most information possible will lead to better overall health. 

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