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Should a Treat Still be a Healthy Choice?

Should a Treat Still Be a Healthy Choice?

Should a treat still be a healthy choice? Or should you just enjoy a treat, whatever it is, because it’s a one off? I have a word, an acronym really, that stands for an indulgence…a treat. It’s NAGIBOW. Certainly a silly name but it stands for: Not A Good Idea But Oh Well! In your […]

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Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones? (Say What?!)

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones

Should I Be Taking Exogenous Ketones?  Exogenous ketones were introduced in 2014… About the same time I really started diving into the health benefits of more fat in the diet. But let me back up here, you may not even be familiar with the word “exogenous” so let’s start there: Exogenous vs Endogenous Exogenous = Originates […]

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So Can Sugar Ever Be Healthy??

Can sugar ever be healthy?

So, can sugar ever be healthy??  In a word…no!! You can probably guess I’m not a fan of the stuff. I’ve yet to read a study that gives me ANY reason to tell you, that even in small doses, it’s ok to consume. This notion that a calorie is a calorie and moderation is key […]

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How to Form Good Habits, Even When the Going Gets Tough

How to form good habits

How to form good habits. Habits – we all have them! Good habits like brushing our teeth and bad ones like hitting the snooze button. And I know you know that ALL habits can be created and broken…so why do we STILL have the bad ones? While in New Orleans, I had the honor of […]

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How to get motivated (and stay that way) to reach my goals?

How to get motivated

How to get motivated? How to stay that way and reach some insane (but achievable goals)? That’s a pretty common question for people to ask. I even Googled it and there were almost 19,000,000 results…WOW! Well I can share with you what has worked for me over the past 2 decades. I’m certainly no Wonder […]

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Is Your Plate Full of Real Food?

Are you feeding your machine (aka your body) with real food?

Are you feeding your machine (aka your body) with real food?  When I overhear, “I’m hungry, let’s get a burger or pizza” I die a little inside! It’s obvious that we eat to stay alive but because something has the label of ‘food’ doesn’t mean that’s really what it is. Food is meant to be […]

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Not all Fats are Made Equal: The Truth about Good Fats.

What are good fats?

Not all fats are made equal: what are good fats? Admit it, when a friend tells you that they’re considering going on a high-fat low-carb diet, you instantly want to warn them that it’s common knowledge that eating plenty of fat means eating saturated fat and saturated fat means heart disease and heart disease means […]

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Don’t Stop at Calories and Macros: How to Read Food Labels

Don’t Stop at Calories and Macros: How to Read Food Labels

It’s not easy to read food labels, unless you know what to avoid… Don’t tell me when you see a new and promising “healthy” product on the grocery store shelf, that you don’t flip it over and immediately scan the calories, fat, carbohydrate and the protein content … Right?! We have been trained to look […]

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I Stand for Freedom (Literally!) this July 4th

I stand for freedom this July 4

Why I stand for freedom… Your freedom and my feet… How on Earth do those two things relate? Let me explain… Since we are coming up on Independence Day, I always think about the freedom that we have and how blessed we are. My father served in Vietnam and during that time, he was exposed […]

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