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The Beachbar :My Honest Opinion


Thanks for stopping by my blog, Today I wanted to talk with you about Beachbody’s new bar called the, are you ready for it, Beachbar. Please take a moment and watch the video above and you can learn all about Beachbody’s Newest Product line, which is sure to be a hit with the family. Now […]

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What You Need to Know About the Slim in 6 Schedule

The Slim in 6 Schedule workout program has been around quite a while and may get overlooked. This work out program might be an oldie, but it is a goodie. With Beachbody, there often tends to be a focus on a program’s newest variations, whether it is Shaun T’s Insanity or Tony Horton’s p90X. Therefore, […]

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Wondering What to Eat While Fasting? Healthy Fats!

what to eat while fasting

The question of “what to eat while fasting” is sort of ironic. Isn’t intermittent fasting supposed to be about what and when you’re not eating? Well, yes, but in order to do intermittent fasting right, and easily endure without getting hungry (if you are, you’re either just getting adapted or you’re doing it wrong!), you need a […]

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Before You Try the New Diet Coke Flavors, Read This

new diet coke flavors

Last Month, we tackled a bunch of the lesser-known evils of soda pop, but are you still wondering how the new Diet Coke flavors taste? Marketing is a powerful thing. When a multi-billion-dollar corporation that’s embedded its name deep into our psyche says, hey, we’ve got some new products…with a pretty candy-paint, shiny aluminum disguise…everyone […]

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